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Welcome to the vTrafficRush and ViralAdBuilder blog! and are viral advertising sites, and so much more! This blog will keep you up to date with, and educate you on both sites. Here you will keep up to date on the latest advancements of both sites. This blog will help you understand the power of viral marketing through the use of VTR and VAB so you can harness the full power of VTR and VAB to your best advantage!

In addition to vTrafficRush and ViralAdBuilder news and updates, I will also be sharing my personal experience and thoughts on various internet marketing topics which you may find informative.

Why VTR or VAB over other tools or similar viral ad sites?

As an advertising tool here is the most important question to ask yourself, because there are many advertising tools out there, "As you gain new referrals to any other advertising tool, do you multiply your own advertising efforts or do you still work just as hard as you always did?"

In addition, other similar Viral Ad sites give you a one time commission on your referrals, some even every other person you refer, if there is even a commissions availaable at all.

With VTR and VAB you can earn multiple commissions from every referral you make on top of the REAL viral advertising you gain!

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