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Good news everyone!

The Buckets Of Banners' banner exchange code has been upgraded. Enhancements have been made to make the exchange code more secure, modernized and much more efficient, not to mention the new ability to do some fantastic things that we were ever able to do before, as you will see. If you already have the banner exchange code on your site, there is no urgent need to update to the new script because the old one directs to the new script.

Take a look at the new look of the banner exchange code on your site, or, if your haven't already, be sure to get it on there. Next, hover over it. You will see BoB appear!
BoB Sample
This is very important to know. You will see why below. I also encourage our members who are site owners to 'prominently' place the BoB banner exchange code on their sites and here is why...

Ever wanted to be a part of a Badge Hunt but either didn't have the money, didn't know how to deal with the badge code, or you were just too late to get a CTP badge? Do I have good news for you!

There is a CTP Badge Hunt from Sept 23rd to Oct. 7th. Brad and I have purchased 1 CTP badge. That badge will be embedded into the banner exchange code, replacing BoB the Bucket. Our CTP badge will be seen across our entire network of sites that display our banner exchange code! For you site owners, you can benefit from traffic CTP Badge Hunts create, indirectly and completely free by simply placing our banner exchange code on your site! Everybody who has the BoB banner exchange code on their site will instantly become a CTP Badge Hunt participant. By having the banner exchange code on your site you will be able to contact your members to let them know there is a CTP badge on your site, "Courtesy of Buckets Of Banners!" Your members will then have to track down where you placed the banner exchange code on your site. Be sure to tell them to hover their mouse over it to see the badge. This will not only generate increased activity on your own site(s), but can also result in more BoB referrals and potential commissions.

All this is at absolutely no cost to you! Simply prominently place the BoB banner exchange code on your site and you are participating in the CTP Badge Hunt!

Have fun everyone!

Paul Coonan