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On Sept 13th, 2011, I was a guest of Carolyn North of Team Power Cooperative, who hosts Team Power University which is a series of online classes for marketing. I gave a presentation on Viral Marketing and how to use the power of for leverage.

If you missed that webinar and would like to hear what I had to say, you can hear a rebroadcast at anytime you wish by visiting this link:

Here is the lead in question that begins the webinar, "Would take 1 million dollars now or a penny today, 2 pennies tomorrow, 4 the next day, and double every day BUT for only 30 days?"

Something else to keep in mind, this webinar was produced before was live, and when vTrafficRush was a different structure. Some of the principles in this webinar no longer apply to, which now complies with PayPal policies, however, all the principles in this webinar do apply to which is much more like the original model of In the last part of the webinar I speak of the commission structure at which was in place at that time, in Sept of 2011. For the current structure please refer to the upgrade link on the menu in the member's area when you login. This is true for any of my current sites.