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Want to know the big secret?

This is not vTrafficRush specific. This is posted in the "My Thoughts" category because this is much more general, targeted at program owners, and members alike.

This may appear to be quite blunt to some of you, but sometimes blunt is the best way to get a message across.

"I'm not making money at your site" or "Why am I not making money at your site?"

As a site owner, how many times have you heard that?

As a site member, how many times have you said that?

So what is the big secret? Oddly enough, what seems to be a big secret for so many, has been told to those same people over and over and over again. Yet, those people still try to defy the laws of mathematics. But, maybe I am assuming too much. Maybe most people really do not understand the core basics of building an internet business whether they are a site owner or a marketer.

Before I get into some details, let me give some real world examples of where I am going with this.

Let's say you just got hired to work someplace. The whole first month you never showed up to work. At the end of that month, you go in and ask for your paycheck. Do you really expect to get a paycheck?

Let's say your backyard is full of snow. You have a desire to build a huge snowman. You grab a handful of snow, pack into a ball, put the snowball down on top of the snow and give it a little push. Do you stop there and then get angry because it did not turn into the huge snowman you had envisioned? Do you stop there, after that first initial little push and decide it is just too hard to build a snowman anyway?

Now let's go a step further. You have a tropical cruise in mind. You go online and find a site where you can book your whole vacation. You book it and pay for it in full. Come the day of your trip, you never leave your house, in fact, you just sit in your easy chair watching a movie or a football game. Is it the booking agency's fault that you are not on the ship heading for white sand beaches?

Ok, let's bring things back around now.

I can't count how many times I have heard the question, "Why am I not making money at your site?" or how many people have wanted their accounts deleted because they weren't making money.

I know it is not just me! Feel free to chime in!

At vTrafficRush, I track each and every visit so I can see exactly who is marketing, where they are marketing, and how much they are marketing. When I get asked by someone why they are not making money the first thing I look at is their market data. In 100% of the cases where I was asked or told either of the above, every one of those people did not share their Viral Page, or showed it to only a handful of people. Most of them never shared their page with anyone!

So there are 2 situations related to my real world examples. The new hire that expects a paycheck after never showing up to work, and a handful of people who gave a little snowball a single little push and expected to see a huge snowman.

So what about the cruise correlation? People pay for pro membership and never do anything with the extra benefits they purchased (buy their cruise tickets and then stay home) and then still come to me and ask me why they are not making any money!

You want a paycheck... you have to show up to your job!

You want a huge snowman... you have to keep pushing that snowball around to make it bigger. Stop pushing, and it stops getting bigger!

You want to go on a cruise... you have to get your own butt on the ship!


I understand there are many factors involved in internet marketing, and I can only speak for vTrafficRush, but here is the one single difference between those who are making money at vTrafficRush and those who are not. Those who are making money show up to work, keep pushing that snowball, and realize they have to get their own butts on the cruise ship!

Internet marketing, as is all marketing, is a numbers game. In any opportunity you may be promoting, if you share the opportunity with nobody, expect nothing, bottom line!

It has been said many times before, there is no easy button in internet marketing.

Just as some people still try to find the Fountain of Youth, Atlantis, and even Bigfoot, there will always be people out there looking for an instant way to get rich for doing nothing, and there are plenty people out there that will gladly steal your money by selling you that dream that they frankly cannot provide you. Maybe my efforts to wake people up are futile.


At this time, it is only fair that I share some useful information for those who have decided, or already realize, that showing up for work gets you paid, that persistently keep building that snowball, and understand they have to get their own butts on the ship if they booked a cruise.

I am going to relate this to vTrafficRush, but this blankets the use traffic exchanges, text ad exchanges, paid to clicks, and many other advertising TOOLS. Yes I emphasized tools!

As a member of any traffic exchange, text ad exchange, vTrafficRush, or most any advertising TOOL, if you expect any one single site that is intended to be an advertising tool to become your primary source of income, then it is time to get your head out of the clouds!

If you use Google Adsense to advertise a site, do you make a side income from Adsense as well just for using them to advertise? Not at all! Any money you may earn through advertising on Adsense would come from the site you are advertising. Same with Facebook Ads.

But with the use of vTrafficRush, or any exchange sites that are advertising tools, you CAN earn a side income by using them as the advertising tool that they are, but only if you want it, and you have to work for it. Simply joining and doing nothing, and expecting a paycheck, you may as well just not show up to your job!

At vTrafficRush, those who are making money are not only making money by promoting their Viral Ad pages, but mostly from what they are using vTrafficRush to promote. What they earn from vTrafficRush itself is extra money on top of what they earn through what they are using vTrafficRush to promote, extra money they would not get if they were not using vTrafficRush as an advertising tool. Use vTrafficRush to promote your primary sources, of income and don't stop pushing that snowball! There are many sites that claim to be viral, but vTrafficRush is one of the very few that truly are. The more you keep pushing that snowball, you will find your advertising efforts through vTrafficRush grow exponentially as people join under you and begin to advertise for you as well.

There is much more I could get into. I will share more of my 12 years experience in the future as I feel compelled to write.

Bottom line if you want to earn money and eventually expect to make a living online is this.

  1. Show up to work if you want a paycheck.
  2. Never stop pushing that snowball.
  3. Get your own butt on the cruise ship if you want to see white sandy beaches.

What you earn through internet marketing is all up to you. If you put nothing in, expect nothing out. You are in control. That is the wonderful power of the internet. You can make your dreams come true, but only if you are consistent and do not give up. To really get that snowball building in the beginning, it does take a lot of effort, in fact, so much effort that most give up. Too often I have seen people give up right before the threshold of success, the threshold they were not able to see right before their faces.

Never give up because the threshold to success could be right before your nose!