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Want to know the big secret?

This is not vTrafficRush specific. This is posted in the "My Thoughts" category because this is much more general, targeted at program owners, and members alike.

This may appear to be quite blunt to some of you, but sometimes blunt is the best way to get a message across.

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This is just plain staggering! I knew there was a turn over for traffic exchanges but just how much of a turnover I did not know until just over the last couple days!

What I am going to present, I hope can be used in some way by people who are considering opening a traffic exchange. For those of you who own a traffic exchange that are still open after a year, you best pat yourself on the back!

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NOTE - This is a response to Frederick Mann who put up a public challenge, $1 million if anyone can prove is NOT indefinitely sustainable.

What is here is a response to a challenge brought forward by Frederick Mann himself. I do not deny people are making money. Nowhere do I say JBP is a scam. So if you do not like what you read here, what is the point of attacking me? Go cry to Frederick about it because his public challenge is why I bring this up. If there was no public challenge from Frederick Mann, I would not say anything at all.

I am not here to try and change anyone's mind. I am not here to try and scare anyone. I am not here in an attempt to shut JBP down.

The real question is, when do you get your money out before it is too late!

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