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This is an important announcement about! As many of you already know, I am partnered with Jaye Pause and Brad Webb of SOTAS. I have been working extensively on BoB. Very big changes are happening that will all be part of a huge relaunch of BoB in the beginning of 2013. These changes are not just a new paint job on the outside and calling it new. The entire site is being gutted and rebuilt with entirely new engineering never before seen!

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Quick side note -> Did you notice broke 20,000 members?

Bill Carr of, providing independent statistics since 2002, has placed in the number 1 spot this week! You will also find and there as well!

Jaye Pause and Brad Webb brought me into their sites not only as a their new programmer, but also as a partner in the beginning of July, 2012. It was a beautiful partnership in the fact that as a programmer/partner, I also have a vested interest in the success and longevity of not just SOTAM, but MyListFrog and BucketsOfBanners as well.

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When it comes to internet marketing, working smarter rather than harder is extremely important and is something that can and does make or break a person. As a site owner, the more automation I create, the better. The biggest benefit, I have less work I have to do. Working less and getting the same thing out, if not more, is what working smarter is all about!

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