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I have great news about Payza! Yesterday I received an email from Payza informing me that US bank transfers are back online!

In a couple past blog posts people shared their concerns about Payza. Yes, Payza/Alertpay has gone through some tough times in the last year, to be expected when going head to head in a strong rivalry against multi-billion dollar PayPal.

Many people who shared here had many bad things to say about Payza, mostly having to do with verifications, which I honestly found, on the contrary, to be easier and less restrictive than PayPal. However, the main concern I found to be the most common was lack of ability to transfer funds via a US bank account, which was something that was easily done before, but a feature lost in the last year. I can understand the frustration if a Payza member does not get regular funding deposited to their account from commissions and sales. And those who do get regular deposits, many have frustrations regarding getting their money out.

For me, I have received many check withdrawals from Payza, but what is even better for me is I have a Payza debit card. I can request a card load and I usually see it hit my card within 2 business days. I never had the need to personally fund my Payza account as I always have payments coming in. So, it was not easy for me to understand other people's frustrations at first because everything works fine for me.

But of course, for those who somehow need to fund their Payza account, I can totally understand the frustration now.

But alas! Not all, I don't even know how many actually, US Payza members can now, once again, transfer funds via US bank accounts!

Payza is very bad about announcements, even the important ones. So how do you know if you can now use US bank transfers? Simply log in! If you are one of the selected members you will see something like this... Click Here.



So now let's address some other concerns that came up and clear some air.

In general, if an internet opportunity does not accept PayPal it is deemed a red flag. In most cases this can be considered valid. Many 'opportunities' out there are 100% illegal and as such is the number 1 reason those sites do not accept PayPal, because they can't. However, is GVO illegal? Absolutely not! Do they accept PayPal? Nope. There are many exceptions to the red flag rule, and is one of them.

I'm not going to get into a drawn out discussion regarding what is illegal and what is not. That is for you to do your own research on. Every marketer should put in their own due diligence. However, I am going to explain something specifically as to why VAB does not accept PayPal.

Under PayPal's terms of use, a site cannot payout in commissions more than 50% of what is taken in. A site also cannot pay out more than one level of referral commissions. This is not by law, but by PayPal's policy! PayPal got tired of determining if a site was illegal or not so they just put out a blanket policy that eliminated both illegal and legal business models.

ViralAdBuilder pays out 2 levels of commissions to free members, and 6 levels to pro members. In addition, when a payment comes in, VAB pays out up to 80% of that payment!

As a result, VAB cannot accept PayPal, not because it is an illegal business model, but because it does not comply with the policy of PayPal.

Now that US bank transfers are being opened back up through Payza, any site owner who uses Payza as a processor should begin to see an increase in Payza revenue! This will begin to accelerate the opportunity at!

So time to reconsider things if you gave up promoting VAB because this is a new beginning, the new beginning I have been waiting for that I knew was coming!