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Since the unfortunate demise of Payza transactions in the USA, a financial hardship was created in many ways. As a result I have had to come up with a way that I feel is the most fair I can come up with since I personally took a $1000+ loss in Payza funds which the majority was comprised of member commissions. Not just I, but all members who were involved with VAB, took the risk by being involved with Payza, formerly Alertpay.

As a result, the most fair way I could come up with, which is not going to make everyone happy, is if you had at least $10, which was the required minimum to request a cash out, I located your account and deposited those funds there where you can cash them out or use them for VTR purchases. Only 1 VAB member did not have a VTR account and that money was paid via PayPal. Anyone who had less than the minimum requirement at VAB, you account was set to zero. I am sorry I had to do this, but in doing things the way I did, I still took a loss myself. Remember, we all took the risk of using Payza. I feel this was the fairest way I can make the transition that is coming without taking too much of a loss.

VAB is becoming a BitCoin only site. The transition is coming soon. This is requiring a substantial rewrite of the scripts to enable this transition.

I realize not everyone is not ready for BitCoin, however, I feel if you are not getting on board now, you will be missing out on something very big! For example, if I had invested $1000 in BTC in January of 2012, I would be sitting on nearly $250,000 now. Just 1 year ago, if I had invested $1000 in January 2013, I would be sitting on $50,000. BTC is only in it's infancy and I feel anybody would be a fool to not get involved.

As such, this is the reason VAB is going to BTC only. So, you can either send a support ticket to delete your account, or stick around and get excited for the new changes to come to VAB... Your choice.

I do not have a specific date that the whole transition will be ready but it is at the top of my list to get this done very soon.

The best way to get ahead of this inevitable trend, if you do not already have a BitCoin address/wallet, is to join CoinBase which is the PayPal of Bitcoin.


All The Best,

Paul Coonan