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July 23rd, 12 PM MDT, less than 9 hours away, comes the reopening of as a Bitcoin-only site, paying out commissions in 5 minutes less. I anticipate you will be on board with the Bitcoin Revolution.

VAB pays out 2 levels of commissions to free members and 6 levels of commissions to pro members, commissions that are automatically paid out in 5 minutes or less!

VAB is now a Viral Bitcoin Collection Tool.

I have leveled the playing field as much as possible. Every current member has had their 'join date' changed to July 23rd, 2014 so every member all starts out with 30% commissions for all direct/level 1 referral purchases for the first 30 days. After 30 days free members earn 20% commissions and pro members earn 25% commissions from all direct/level 1 referral purchases.

Free members also earn 10% commissions for all level 2 referral purchases.

Pro members earn 10% commissions from all level 2 through 6 referral purchases.

That looks like this:

Free member commissions

Level 1 - 30% for 30 days then 20%
Level 2 - 10%

Pro member commissions

Level 1 - 30% for 30 days then 25%
Level 2 - 10%
Level 3 - 10%
Level 4 - 10%
Level 5 - 10%
Level 6 - 10%

There is a long list of benefits to being pro (only a one time fee) which you can view more about after you log in and select "Upgrade To Pro" from the menu.

All the stats on the front page have been completely reset so they will start with the new stats as of the new launch as a Bitcoin-only site.

If you are already a pro member, you still are.

Your downline is still completely in tact.

If you were in the Viral Pool during the time of all the updates, 30 days have been added to your time.

On a side note, only 2 members were in the Viral Pool during these updates. That means there are only 4 people are in the Viral Pool which includes me and Brad Webb. Bottom line to you... The pool has plenty room and you would be a fool to not be in it!

Members in the Viral Pool are getting their share of 100's of 1,000's of ad views a day plus getting full page views when other members get new signups and when admin emails are sent out!

In addition... Members in the Viral Pool get to take advantage of VAB's advertising dollars. VAB does not promote itself with it's own personal Viral Ad Page. Instead, a rotator is used to show the Viral Ad Pages of members who are in the Viral Pool. This is free passive advertising that is an automatic bonus that comes with the purchase of any Viral Pool package.

You can read more about the Viral Pool by logging in when the site is open and select "Throw Ads In The Viral Pool" from the menu.

I wish well to everyone.

See you on the other side!


Paul Coonan