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What is the Viral Pool at ViralAdBuilder? It is basically an advertising coop, but it I made it to be so much more. In fact, it is very unique, unlike any other site, except for, where I originally developed this unique system.

An advertising coop at it's core is where people purchase advertising and everyone who is in it gets whatever they are promoting shown across a network of sites that the owner purchases bulk advertising in. But when I developed the VIral Pool at VAB, as well as at, I designed it with far more in mind.

Because free members at VAB only get their ads shown down to the number 3 spot on their downline's pages, the other spots, where a free member may be assigned, will show an ad from a member who is in the VIral Pool.

In addition, as has always been the design, when members become inactive, their ads will not be shown, which means, as more members become inactive, the Viral Pool becomes more powerful and valuable, something many do not realize, and others have forgotten. This is by design since the very beginning! The more people become in active, the more powerful the Viral Pool becomes because as members become inactive, more and more ad spots open up in the Viral Pool!

At this time there are only 9 members with a total of 35 ads that are in the Viral Pool! That means that those 9 people are getting the bulk of ads being shown, getting the lion's share of nearly 500,000 ads per day being seen worldwide!

On top of that, any member who is in the Viral Pool, gets their Viral BTC Collection Tool page put into rotation at my expense, having their VAB page seen across a network of sites I advertise at. Unlike most site owners who will shamelessly promote their own sites using their own personal link, I promote the links of those in the Viral Pool, not just members of VAB, but at all my sites,, BucketsOfBanners,com, as well as where Brad Webb and I just recently celebrated the fact that SOTAM has now sent out over 1 Billion emails!

To take advantage of my personal advertising dollars at VTR and VAB, simply be in the Viral Pool. At, simply be a Club BoB member. At State-Of-The-Art-Mailer, be a Viralist member.


Until Next Time,

Paul Coonan