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First some brief history. 3 years ago VAB started as an Alertpay, now Payza, only site. The reason for this was because VAB pays commissions up to 6 levels deep, 2 levels for free members and 6 levels deep for pro members. Multi-level marketing is not allowed through PayPal. PayPal does not allow MLM, not because of legalities but because of their own personal choice. A time came that Payza could no longer do transactions in the US so VAB could no longer accept payments though Payza. Of course the situation has since changed with Payza but in that period of time, to keep VAB going and to take advantage of a new market, VAB was transformed into a bitcoin only site nearly 9 months ago. The best part of the transformation was the fact that VAB pays instant commissions, paid directly to members in less than 5 minutes!

When VAB was transformed into a bitcoin only site, the price of upgrading to pro membership was set based upon a value $30, which is what it was originally when it was a Payza only site. At that time that was about .05 BTC. Since the value of bitcoin has dropped in the last 9 months, although far more stable now, it became cheaper to be a part of VAB although the dollar value of the commissions became less as a result. So, it was time to update the price structure to increase the value of using VAB back to where it originally was.

To bring things up with the times, prices have doubled, which mean the value of commissions have doubled as well!

As I write, in 258 days VAB has shown over 84,300,000 ads!
VAB has shown those ads to over 1,100,000 people!

Now this part is going to make a handful of members upset. There are only 5 members in the Viral Pool. Those 5 members are getting the bulk over 325,000 ads seen everyday! I'm sure they don't like me telling you this.

The Viral Pool is essentially an advertising coop, but much more. Free members who have not logged in for at least 30 days and pro members who have not logged in for at least 90 days, get their accounts deactivated. If a member is in the Viral Pool account deactivation does not happen. When accounts become deactivated those members' ads no longer get seen which leaves ad spaces open because when an account becomes deactivated those members' ads are no longer seen. Those empty ad spaces are filled by members' ads who are in the Viral Pool!

In addition, those members who are in the Viral Pool get their Viral Ad Pages rotated, at VAB's expense, across a network sites which results in new referrals by doing nothing but being in the Viral Pool. It is the easy way to get referrals and the secret that, as I write, 5 members would prefer I don't tell you about!

Bottom line, being in the Viral Pool is where it is at. If you are in the Viral Pool, VAB shows your personally branded Viral Ad Page to thousands of people all across the world and you don't have to do anything but be in the Viral Pool!

 Furthermore, VAB is about to make some huge bulk advertising purchases with niche bitcoin sites so if you are not in the Viral Pool, you will be missing out!