Get Adobe Flash player is unique because it pays you commissions up to 6 levels down!

Imagine getting notifications that say:

New Level 1 BTC Commission!
New Level 2 BTC Commission!
New Level 3 BTC Commission!
New Level 4 BTC Commission!
New Level 5 BTC Commission!
New Level 6 BTC Commission!

And then imagine getting those commissions in less than 5 minutes, directly to your bitcoin address, nearly instantly!

That means that if
you refer John
and John refers Joe
and Joe refers Dave
and Dave refers Nancy
and Nancy refers Mary
and Mary refers Mike

and Mike makes a purchase

Mary gets paid
and Nancy gets paid
and Dave gets paid
and Joe gets paid
and John gets paid
and YOU get paid!

If you are a free member you will receive commissions 2 levels down, but if you are a pro member you get nearly instant commission 6 levels down!

Where else can you get instant commissions up to 6 levels down???

Members are seeing email notifications like this everyday!

What are you waiting for? Those who know what is going on are already upgraded to pro and are receiving nearly instant commissions 6 levels down.