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If you haven't already heard all the rumors and mis/dis-info flying all over the place about Payza changing their User Agreement, first let me answer some quick questions...

Does the new User Agreement at Payza affect

Absolutely not! MLM's are NOT affected!

What site's will the new User Agreement affect?

Plain and simple, HYIPs! High Yield Investment Programs! That's it! Nothing more, nothing less!

Do I need to panic? Will I be affected?

Only if you are of the small percentage of people that actually participate/gamble in HYIPs.


Overall, there are tons of rumors and mis/dis-info flying around out there. So I am going to present some facts to you.

First off, the change in the User Agreement, to me, is good news! It means that a ton of crap is going to get cleaned off the net, and it shows the integrity that Pazya has in becoming a processor that can run with the big dogs. Payza could have easily off-shored their headquarters and server, but they didn't!

There is much speculation about pressure from the US for Payza to conform to certain securities laws. Truth is, the US is should not take all the blame! Canada as well as any nation with securities trade have a governmental oversight agency very much like the US Securities Exchange Commission.

HYIPs are one of the biggest thieves of money. HYIPs have one of the highest rates of hit-and-run owners. They can never last, they are pure ponzi. To be able to offer "securities" in any country where securities are traded you must be licensed. On top of that, you must have collateral to back up any "investment." Securities fraud is a big crime, just ask Bernie Madoff!  When the rate of return stated is dependent upon new money coming in from new members, pure ponzi, absolutely illegal. This is what Payza is moving away from.

Now if you are involved in HYIPs, the net is not going to be cleaned up so fast because a temporary fix is now being highlighted. That fix is What I have seen lately is people using fear mongering to get people to join this site. Some have even been stating that Egopay is owned by Pazya. Some have even stated that Egopay is in Belize. Well let's set the record straight! Egopay was registered through Godaddy, and the whois is private, so who actually owns it is an unknown for the general public. However, based on the IP address it is hosted by Staminus Communications, located in Fullerton, California.

I should back up a bit and explain what Egopay is. It is essentially a middleman. You can only fund Egopay with Payza, and you can only withdraw your funds to Payza. So, for the extra fee you incur, it will now cost you more to be involved in HYIPs, but the bigger picture is yet to be seen. Mind you I said this was a temporary fix for anyone who just has to be involved in HYIPs. Why temporary? Of course JustBeenPaid is having a panic attack, and maybe JBP is the reason for the fear-mongering emails I have been seeing to try and recruit people into Egopay.

So once again, why do I say temporary? First the owner is unknown and hidden. I speculate that Payza, in all their efforts to comply with regulations, would never create such a site with their name attached. In going through Egopay, there is a mention of Payza and that mention is only to state that a few of their employees once worked for Payza. But the biggest reason I say Egopay is temporary is because they are hosted in California, on US soil. It will not be long before what they are doing catches up with them. Could be a a couple months from now, could be a year from now, but with regulators pretty much watching every move that Payza is making, chances are the feds in the US are already very well aware of the move and drive to Egopay.

So overall, if you are not involved in HYIPs, nothing has changed for you. At the same time, you should be happy that Payza is making the moves it needs to do for future growth. In the long run, it means less crap on the net, and fewer people falling victim to tempting frauds.


Now here are some absolute facts you should know:

From the blog at Payza, this is what was added to the User Agreement...

Section 6.02 – Activities Not Allowed

  • Any indication or demonstration of a literal rate of return on a contribution, payment or investment, while not being licensed to sell or solicit.
  • Selling of Unregistered/Unlicensed Stocks, bonds, securities, options, futures, or investments in any entity or property, including (but not limited to) corporations and partnerships or sole proprietorship, are prohibited:
    • Solicitation, marketing campaign, direct selling or any other comparative effort will be considered a violation of the User Agreement. If you are registered or licensed to take such action, you may be requested to present documentation demonstrating authority to do so from a Securities Exchange Commission, Commodities Futures Trading Commission or other equal and comparative agency.

Click here to be taken to their blog


Go to this link and insert into the form. You will get the ip address of where it is hosted which is

Next click here to see who Egopay is hosted by which is this hosting service,

Click here as a redundant check of the location from a site that uses Google's geo-ip location.

Payza's Acceptable Use and Activities Not Allowed

Payza's Regulated Account Types and Industries

Once again, if you are not involved in HYIPs nothing has changed, no need to panic, and Payza is not failing, only growing for the better!