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It is long overdue... I have made a change to ViralAdBuilder that will create a flood of new commissions like never before!

I have been working very hard in my new partnership with Jaye Pause and Brad Webb where I have been programming like a son of gun on the SOTAS sites. Big things are coming that will set new standards in the internet marketing industry never before seen!

In the last few months I have had an idea in my head for but had been waiting for the right time to make it happen. VAB is doing well and I just gave it a steroid shot!

A common misconception is is the same as with different colors. One could never be so wrong! VTR pays commissions for only your own direct referrals. Don't get me wrong! VTR is doing very well having now served over half a billion ads and nearing 20,000 members! What makes VAB different is free members get paid commissions 2 levels deep and pro members earn 6 levels deep!

Why would one choose VTR or VAB over the other? Some people want instant gratification for their own efforts. Others know how REAL viral marketing works and understand the power of earning up to 6 levels deep.

So here is what I have done to VAB.

All new members now earn 30% commissions for their first 30 days!

After 30 days, here is the break down.

Free members earn 20% commissions for their direct referrals and 10% for their level 2 referrals.

Pro members now earn 25% commissions for their direct referrals and 10% for all levels 2 through 6!

Based on pro member payouts, that is an 80% payout of VAB income in the first 30 days and 75% after 30 days!

For every $100 in VAB gross income, that is up to $75 to $80 being paid out!

Tons of pro members have already been earning 6th level commissions! It's unreal! Those pro members who see how VAB works have been reaping the benefits of passive advertising and commissions that only REAL viral advertising can bring!

Anyway, enjoy the new, higher commission levels and take advantage of REAL viral advertising!

Viral is such an overused word, the REAL viral is at and!


P.S. I know I have brought it up many times before, and people are still waiting, I WILL have a How To/QnA live webinar soon. Now that I have said that, I guess I should stop putting it off! (stage fright, must shave, lol)