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Something occurred to me in the last few hours that I have been trying to make sense of for a few months now. Why is there less activity at ViralAdBuilder vs vTrafficRush?

Something there is very little of today versus 10 years ago is actual user input that leaves site owners guessing as to what is going on. Every once a long while a tidbit comes along that becomes a revelation.

For me, it does not make sense that a person would not want to make commissions from 6 levels of their downline versus only their own personal referrals. Personally, I have recruited people into many sites to find they can recruit like a son of gun and "I don't get a darn penny from what they do!"

That is not the case with where a pro member can earn commissions 6 levels deep! Free members even earn 2 levels deep!

A mystery was created...

First off, the combined income of both VTR and VAB, PayPal versus Payza, is very close to 50/50 (not something many sites can stake claim to), but VTR rakes in much more in sales than VAB. Yes, I do give incentives to members at VTR to use Payza, but since there is a 50/50 split on income from PayPal and Payza, why does VTR get so much more sales than VAB?

My records already show that Payza funding is not an issue. Gross income, Payza vs PayPal, indicates that there are clearly members with funds loaded in Payza, but why the lack of sales at VAB with up to 6 levels of commissions?

The answer came to me in an email today asking me to clear up some rumors/dis-info. It has not been that long ago, only 3 months, that I blogged about a policy change at Payza.

At that time there was a lot of fear-mongering mainly due to panic from the once was JustBeenPaid who panicked when the hammer came down. The lies that were set forth were leading people to believe that MLM, multilevel marketing, was being banned from Payza.

Let's get something straight. Many people are reluctant to join or pay money to a site that does not accept PayPal and for good reason, Most sites that do not accept PayPal are illegal. They come and go, and take whatever money they can.

However, just because a site does not accept PayPal does not make them illegal!

As a matter of POLICY, NOT LAW, PayPal does not accept sites that pay commissions to more than 1 level, and not more than 50% can be paid out in total in commissions from the gross income.

Once again, that is POLICY, NOT LAW! The difference is a common misconception!

Overall, the policy change at Payza about 3 months ago was in direct reference to High Yield Investment Programs, which is why JustBeenPaid(formerly) freaked out and started the fear-mongering.

VAB is a legitmate and legal affiliate based MLM. Legitmate MLM was never to be banned by Payza and the spread of bad rumors has raised unnecessary caution towards legitimate MLM sites!

There is nothing illegal about! The only reason PayPal is not an automated payment option is only because the structure is against PayPal's TERMS, not against the law!

Any reluctance to become a pro member at VAB is completely unfounded! VAB is a legitimate and legal MLM and is accepted by Payza.

Don't be afraid to make 6 levels of commissions! Your unfounded fear is keeping you from earning money and exponentially building a team that advertises for you! REAL Viral Advertising!