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To start, US Payza (Alertpay) members can now fund and withdraw to and from their bank accounts! Most people likely don't know this because Alertpay does very poorly in regards to announcements, even one as big as this. So, maybe you heard it hear first! This is excellent news for VAB members because a majority of Payza members once again have the ability to fund their accounts directly from their bank, which means now is an even better time to use your VAB Viral Ad Pages to promote your favorite sites and get the viral traffic and commissions you deserve! A flood of money is going to be hitting Payza accounts all over the US!

Liberty Reserve is has been added as well for those of you who are LR users!

Now on to a very big addition. This is a pro member tool so you have to be upgraded to use it. This tool is a very unique way to help you gain more referrals and add to your pocket! It is the ultimate downline helper! It is the PIF Downline Helper with a pay-it-forward kind of system like you have never seen!

This was originally in vTrafficRush as the Rotator Helper, but since early on making VTR PayPal compliant by only paying out one level, it didn't make sense to have it there anymore. So now it is an extremely enhanced version that now resides at VAB. Originally it supplied you only a list of raw Viral Ad Page links of your downline members. The idea was to use those links at your favorite rotator site to promote your downline members. Since at vTrafficRush members now only get paid 1 level, it became pointless.

If you don't know what a URL rotator is, it is a site where you can enter many links and you get one link to rotate them all randomly. So if you have 20 sites you want to promote, you can enter then all in a rotator and then get 1 single link to enter at other sites to get all 20 of your sites seen. Another advantage is if you have your 1 rotator link is at many sites you can change what sites are being seen at all those sites by simply making the changes in one place, the rotator site.

So here is the nuts and bolts of the new PIF Downline Helper. Before I start, you may already be asking yourself, "Why would I promote my downline members instead of myself?" One, it makes you look good! I'll explain later. Another reason is you do not lose anything. This is why the commissions are all the same at all 6 levels. When you earn the same commission at any level you are not loosing anything. Also, your ad is seen on each and every one of your downline members Viral Ad Pages so no loss there either! Promoting your downline members also creates an incentive for your downline to upgrade! You have the option to promote only your pro members. Then you can write to all your free members and let them know you are promoting your pro members and that they would automatically be added into rotation if they upgrade! On top of all this, you have the choice of how you want to rotate your members, with a message or without. Communicating with your downline that you are promoting your pro members will help you earn commissions. Promoting with the message that I will show here in just a moment, will help you gain referrals!

You can click the image below to get the bigger picture and see the message in the top left corner:

So would you not agree that promoting your downline can make you look good? The uniqueness of this should help you to gain members in your downline, even if they are not directly under you, because whoever joins can see you actively help your downline, and your downline will see how you are helping them as well. Eventually, many of those members will pay-it-forward as well to their own downlines. Pro members promoting pro members who will also promote pro members. What free member would not want to be a part of that club?

Once again, this is a pro member only tool. So you must be upgraded to use it!

When you go to the PIF Downline Helper in the members area, as a pro member, you first will be given a menu to select who you want to create links for. You can choose free members, pro members, or all members, and you get to choose an individual level or all levels of your downline. Once you make your choice, you then will be taken to the next page where you make further selections. You can choose which Viral Ad Page you would like to show, and select whether you want to show the self-promotion message or remain anonymous. Once you have selected the page style you want to show, you are given all the raw links of your downline for the selections made where you can use those links anywhere, but here is where it gets better! You get a single link from VAB to promote your downline members! You can use that link anywhere and if you have a rotator you use, you can simply drop that single link in to make sure all your members are being rotated! The best part of it is, you don't even have to keep track of who your new pro members are because they would automatically be added to your rotator stream from VAB!

So if you are a pro member that can promote well you really should be taking advantage of this! Free members in your downline who have little to no resources for promoting themselves can be encouraged to upgrade when they know someone is going to help them promote! When you share your new link that promotes your downline and people see you in the top left of someone else's page, they see you are one to help your downline! It is double branding, you and your downline. It is a win/win! It will catch attention because nobody has ever seen anything like this!

There are stats being logged for people who are promoting others through the special VAB all-in-one link. In the future there will be a top list that shows who is helping others! Internet marketers have a strong stigma attached that we are all selfish. This puts marketers in a new light and is a fresh new approach that surely will help you, if you use it!

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I have always been a non-conformist, a free thinker who thinks outside the box. I believe I have created a new internet marketing industry first!

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