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I am sure most members do not know this, and you should!

I promote VTR heavily myself and I use a very special link that select members benefit from...

The link I use is a link I created that benefits those members who are in the Viral Pool.

I created a link that I personally use to promote VTR that promotes Pro Members who are in the Viral Pool! That means that if you are in the Viral Pool you are getting the benefit of my personal advertising, getting your ads seen all over the world and all you have to do is be in the Viral Pool.

So why not take advantage of my personal advertising dollars as I promote YOU? You could be gaining referrals who will in turn be advertising for you.

VTR is not just a banner page showing random banners like so many others who have tried to copy what I created. The more referrals you get, the more you multiply how many people are advertising for you. Every direct referral you gain, your ads will show in the number 2 spot on their pages. As a Pro Member, when your direct referrals get their own referrals your ads will show on the number 3 spot on their pages, and this goes all the way down 6 levels!

Work smarter not harder by building your downline, and also take advantage of my personal advertising dollar by throwing your ads in the Viral Pool where you will not only get your ads seen across the entire membership's pages, but you will also gain referrals since I personally promote the Viral Ad pages of those members who are in the Viral Pool!

Login now and look for the menu item that says, Throw Your Ads In The Viral Pool and get your share of passive advertising!