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The following offer is only good until the end of the year! BOGO!

2 days left and a new year begins.

March 1st, 2014 will mark 3 years that has been open. At this time, a bit less than 3 years, VTR has shown over 700 million ads to over 7.5 million people people! 7 million of those ads seen were in just the last week alone because VTR has been very strongly promoted very recently.

Out of those 7 millions ads seen in the last week, only a small percentage of members are getting the lion's share, and those members likely don't want me to tell you how because they would rather keep it all to themselves, lol. I don't blame them! In fact, currently there are only 25 members with 109 ads in the Viral Pool, which is where most all the action is. Those 25 people are benefiting from my personal advertising because I am advertising for them. The article below tells the details of this:

"You Probably Don't Know This..." (opens new window)

But now let's get to the meat and potatoes... Buy One Get One!

When the Ball Drops at midnight New Year's Eve this deal will end.

All purchases until then are all 2 for 1 at

For those who have not upgraded yet:
Upgrade to Pro, a one time lifetime payment - get 1 month in the Viral Pool free!

For those who have already upgraded:
Buy 1 month in the Viral Pool - get 1 more month free!
Buy 3 months in the Viral Pool - get 3 more months free!
Buy 6 months in the Viral Pool - get 6 more months free!
Buy 12 months in the Viral Pool - get 12 more months free!

For anyone:
Buy 1 Viral Grid Sponsor Ad - get 1 more Viral Grid Sponsor Ad free!

All Viral Pool Package deals are also good for Extending your current Viral Pool! Just click "Extend Viral Pool" on the member's menu. You will only see this menu option if you are already in the Viral Pool.

Note - All purchases will have the BOGO bonus added manually so don't freak out when you buy and see your order was not doubled right away ;-) Your BOGO bonus will be added by me personally!

I have never offered such a deal before, ever. This offer ends when January 1st, 2014 begins, server time, so take advantage of this because I don't know when I will ever do this again.