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I tend to not be the first one to a party, unless there is an open bar, lol. I am always fashionably late but never so late that I miss anything good.

There is a party going on until the end of February and over 500 thousand people have been invited with plenty door prizes and 1 person will win $500! Did you get your invitation yet? If not here it is...

CTP Is 3! If you are not aware of Click, Track, Profit, they do fun things to help site owners generate traffic. I believe now is the 2nd time they have done a massive badge hunt. This is kind of like a scavenger hunt where you visit sites all over the web and find CTP badges to claim. There is a page inside CTP where you kind find a list of all the badges and where to find them. The person who claims the most badges by the end of this month will win $500! In addition, there are $500 worth of 50 cent prizes that are randomly being awarded to badge seekers.

I am going to tell you where 4 of the badges are...

There is 1 at, 1 at, and 2 at

They are very simple to find!

At simply login! I should also note that with the network alone of over 500,000 members that TimTech has, which were all invited, the badge clue inside CTP for VTR has a special link that rotates VTR members who are in the Viral Pool. Remember, I promote VTR with my own dollars and those members who are in the Viral Pool get to take advantage of my advertising dollars. You can learn more about that here.

BTW, here are some milestones hit by VTR very recently as VTR's 3rd birthday approaches (March 1st). VTR very recently surpassed 25,000 members! VTR has now shown over 725,000,000 banner ads! VTR has shown those ads to over 7,500,000 people!

At you will need to click the menu and visit some pages inside to find the badge that is there. There aren't that many pages at BoB so it is easy to find. We would just like you to take a look around the site. Just as well, the link to BoB inside CTP is a special link that rotates our Club BoB members, so, if you are a Club BoB member you can take advantage of the fact that many new people will be clicking that link in CTP to go to BoB and a Club BoB member will end up getting that referral!

At there are 2 badges to be found. The first one you certainly can't miss! Just login and you will see it. The 2nd badge at SOTAM is found in the Unclaimed Extended Ads area. To be able to claim this badge you must be Extended Ad 'eligible.'

To be eligible to claim Extended Ads you must have less than 10 Unclaimed Solo Ads. If you keep up on your emails, whether you click the email links, or click inside in the Unclaimed Solo Ad area, you will be able to get this one fairly quick.

New members are instantly eligible when they join and will find at least 400 Solo Ads ready to be claimed for credits. New members do not have to wait to receive enough emails to be able to mail out. With very little effort, new members can claim enough credits to mail to 3000 members right out of the gate!

In addition, if you are a SOTAM member who subscribes to at least the 5000 Button Level, the link to SOTAM in CTP randomly rotates all SOTAM members who are at the 5000 Button Level or higher so you can gain some referrals while TimTech shares their birthday with their 500,000+ person network!


Take care everyone and have fun!

Paul Coonan and Brad Webb