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Payza is back at and many other updates have taken place!

I know for many people the news of Payza being back for US account holders leaves a certain level of mistrust in many minds. For myself, I lost over $740. One must keep in mind the following. It was not the fault of Payza except for the fact they trusted Obopay to take care of their US based transactions. The money that many of us lost is actually being held by the Dept Of Justice in the US because Obopay got their funds seized.

To operate as a money exchanger in the US a company must register and pay fees for each individual state in the US. To register with all 50 states, the cost and process is extensive. As a result, as Payza did, they relied on a third party in the US, Obopay, that already went through the registration process for all the 50 states. This saved Payza a ton in fees and time, however, Obopay went rogue, to a degree, which resulted in the DOJ seizing all of Obopay's accounts. Obopay began to lose their reach state by state until the DOJ moved in and seized their accounts. If you are one who got funds frozen at the hands of Obopay, you can still contact the DOJ, if you haven't already, regarding your funds that the DOJ is holding here.

As for me, in spite of my loss, I trust Payza has learned a lesson in who to trust and they have re-entered the US market where all US Payza account holders can now transact as before. As a result, I have added Payza as a payment method back into

Cashouts via Payza at VTR will be limited while a reserve amount of funds are being rebuilt. The cashout page is directly tied to Payza via API so if you are requesting a cashout via Payza and the amount you are requesting is not available at that time you will not be allowed to cashout via Payza. Simply check back at a later time as Payza funds will regularly become available.

Paying with Pazya, as well as with your earnings, has it benefits!

By adding Payza back into VTR, whether you like it or not, the truth is, it expands the reach VTR has allowing more members to earn more money. Before the loss of Payza, VTR's revenue was 50% through Payza. Now that Payza is back, I expect to see this percentage rise again making VTR more lucrative.

When you use your earnings or Payza for any purchase, as it was before, you get a 25% bonus! If you are a free member and upgrade to pro, a one time payment for life, using your earnings or Payza you will get to sample the Viral Pool for 7 days. The Viral Pool is essentially a banner advertising coop. You purchase any Viral Pool package and you get unlimited banner views for the period of time you purchase. If you are in the Viral Pool, you will also receive full page views mixed in with Viral Grid Sponsors on the Viral Grid, full page views from admin emails being sent, and the most valuable, you get your Viral Ad page rotated in my personal rotator that I use to only rotate pro members who are in the Viral Pool. I use my special rotator with my own advertising dollars and often buy packages at many sites that total over 1 million views at a time. The Viral Pool means absolutely passive advertising for you. Purchase a Viral Pool package and the site takes care of all the rest for you!

Moving on to other updates at VTR...

Some other changes have been made in the programming itself. To start, the Viral Grid Progressive Jackpot has had an increase in the rate of which the jackpot builds. The Progressive Jackpot, which is won in a monthly drawing, rises based upon activity. With the increase in the rate of the rise, the monthly jackpot will grow bigger, faster. Each click of the Viral Grid gives you a chance to win up to $5 instantly. Each click also gives you an entry into the monthly drawing for the Viral Grid Progressive Jackpot.

In addition to the increase in the rate the Progressive Jackpot builds, a benefit of being an active pro member had always been that they would receive 10% of the Viral Grid wins from their level 6 referrals. This has now changed. Now, active pro members receive 20% of their direct, level 1 referrals wins! Since the monthly jackpot always starts at $20, an active pro member who refers the monthly Progressive Jackpot winner will also receive a minimum $5 just for referring the winner!

More updates coming including the relaunch of!

More updates and changes will be coming to VTR.

ViralAdBuilder will be relaunching soon as a Bticoin only site. For those of you who are finally grasping Bitcoin, you will be excited to know that VAB will be providing instant commissions! Well, actually commissions will be paid every 5 minutes so that should be close enough to instant to qualify, right? I will be providing more about Bitcoin very soon but for now you can get started very simply by joining the PayPal of Bitcoin, Coinbase.