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The end of the month of April marked the end of VTR's 4 year anniversary celebration! Besides the end of the month progressive jackpot, 4 additional winners and their sponsors won prizes. Here are those winners...

Progressive Jackpot
Al Saww - $27.13

Referred by
Pavel Redkiy - $2.71

Each of the following and their sponsors won either a lifetime membership or 30 days in the Viral Pool if they were already a Lifetime Pro Member.
David Collie, referred by Yamit Kadimah
Alexis Gonzalez, referred by Sebas Broekhof
Silver Silviano Rodriguez, referred by Sindu Thomas
Stephane Lessard, referred by Thassos Beach


Congratulations to all the winners! If you are a winner you should log into your account and make sure your banner ads are setup and running!

See you on the flip side,

Paul Coonan