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BOGO deals start right now for a very limited time! But first, here are some updates about commissions.

Updates you should be well aware of right now are as follows...

Some members have already noticed that the hold time for commissions is now only 7 days. This is a permanent update! That is good news for you because you have time to put some extra Xmas money in your pockets to spend on your loved ones by simply promoting your Viral Ad Page and introducing others to the power of REAL viral advertising!

VTR will, without a shadow of a doubt, hit over 1 billion ads seen in 2016!

Another update with commissions has to do with a long debated philosophy/business model on how to pay out commissions. A very big name in the internet marketing industry often has bad words to say about sites that require a person to claim their commissions vs the site just paying them on a regular basis. For a big internet marketer that is easy to say because having so many fingers into so many sites, yes it is a pain in the ass to have to login to claim your commissions. This person goes on to say that "he knows why site owners do this,' as he often eludes to shifty sites owners that hope you just forget you have any commissions to claim. Yes there are shifty site owners like that. But as those of you know who have been banking your commissions at VTR you know that you get a weekly email to remind you, every week, that you have money to claim.

Why do I do what I do at VTR? It was something I learned over 20 years ago when I worked at Target. We got paid weekly. We would all get off shift and go to the payment office where we could pick up our check. The very next window, you could cash it. Then you would walk out into the entire store with cash in hand. Most of us spent it. Now think about that for a second. Let's say I got a paycheck for $200, I cashed it and then went and spent it all on Target products. Taking into consideration their cost of goods, how much did I actually just get paid by Target for my work? Pretty damn smart if you ask me!

So let's say a VTR member earns $20 in commissions from $40 in sales. I now owe somebody $20. They can certainly claim their commissions if they want to, but if they spend their commissions (cash in hand in my store), to buy 1 month in the Viral Pool, now I only owe somebody $10!

There is a reason I give extra incentive to spend commissions!

BUT, for the sake of argument, VTR members now have a choice to either continue to bank and spend their commissions like they always have, or members can now elect to have their earned commissions automatically claimed. Members can change this on the Settings page.


And now let's talk BOGO!

Only until 11:59PM on Monday the 30th (Cyber Monday) is the valid.

Not a pro member yet? Upgrade and get 1 month in the Viral Pool FREE!

Already upgraded?

Buy any Viral Pool package and get it doubled FREE!

Buy 1 month get 2 months.
Buy 3 months get 6 months.
Buy 6 months get 1 year.
Buy 1 year get 2 years.

All extra bonuses are doubled as well when using your commissions or Payza!

This is a very limited time offer and will end at 11:59PM on Monday, November 30th.

NOTE - All BONUSES resulting from purchases during this limited time offer will be manually added by me personally.


Hoping Your Holidays Are Going Well,

Paul Coonan