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I have been around since there was only 1 traffic exchange on the net. It was clean, simple, basic, everything it needed to be with no distractions.

Back in the day the focus was on the websites in rotation, there were no other distractions. Carl Bailey has brought that focus back!

I have watched the evolution of traffic exchanges, watched at least 1000 come and go and that is likely a very conservative number. As the number of traffic exchanges rose it became a competition of who could give away the most for the least, coupled with who could add the most bells and whistles. This is not uncommon across many categories of businesses to include brick and mortar stores.

Eventually things get so convoluted that the only way to revive an industry is to go back to the basics, and that is what Carl Bailey did with!

No chats, no banners, no messaging, no badges, no text links, no sales emails. What does this mean to you as a marketer? NO DISTRACTIONS! is a traffic exchange that has gone back to the basics. Your sites are the ONLY focus, as it was meant to be back in the beginning. When we are in a time that so many people have become "ad-blind" and avoid certain traffic exchanges specifically because of all the distractions, the time has come for!

With you can be assured your sites are not only being seen, they are being seen without distractions. THIS alone results in higher conversions. Isn't that the bottom line? Conversions?


Paul Coonan