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It's time to talk about the Viral Pool. What is it and why should you be in it? When activity is down, the value goes up!

With every site out there not every member stays active. Truth is, many find a site is not for them, not what they are looking for, or in most cases people just give up. As this drop in activity happens at most sites, the value of the site tends to go down, *depending on how the system is built.*

At, as activity drops, the value of The Viral Pool goes up!

Let me start by explaining what happens when activity drops or to be more specific, when members become inactive. Members become inactive when they have not logged in for a set period of time. Free members become inactive if they have not logged in for 30 days. Pro members become inactive after 90 days of not logging in. A notification always goes out to members who have become inactive and to become active again all they have to do is simply login.

When a member becomes inactive their ads are no longer seen on their downlines' Viral Ad Pages.

These spots become part of The Viral Pool!

As a reminder, when a member refers a new member to VTR their ads get seen in the #2 spot of their referrals' Viral Ad Pages. For free members, this is where it stops. Pro members have their ads seen all the way down 6 levels of their referrals' Viral Ad Pages. What this means is, for example, if a Pro member has built an extensive downline, that Pro member is getting their ads seen on all their downlines' Viral Ad Pages,  As a pro member, the bigger your downline, the more other people are advertising for you all they way down 6 levels!

Take a look at the Traffic Calculator for a better explanation!

So let's say a Pro member has a downline, all levels, of a very conservative 300 members. If that Pro member becomes inactive, hasn't logged for 90 days, all those ad spots on those 300 Viral Ad Pages open up and become part of The Viral Pool. Any member who is in The Viral Pool are now getting their ads rotated across those 300 Viral Ad Pages because this Pro member became inactive!

When you are in The Viral Pool, your ads are getting seen not only on your downlines' Viral Pages, but also across the entire network of other members' Viral Ad Pages who have become inactive!

In addition, there are other benefits to being in The Viral Pool. When in The Viral Pool you:

  1. Will not become inactive. As long as you are in The Viral Pool, you will remain active for as long as you are in The Viral Pool. Jump in for a year and you will not have to login for an entire year.
  2. Will get your ads seen on other Viral Ad Pages of members who are not in your downline, across the entire network.
  3. Will get your Viral Ad Page put into VTR's private rotation where you can gain referrals at VTR's advertising expense.

The Viral Pool is an exclusive benefit for Pro members only!

Only Pro members can enter the Viral Pool. The Viral Pool is completely passive advertising, meaning, you enter the Viral Pool, put the ads of your choice into The Viral Pool, and your ads and your personal Viral Ad Page are put on autopilot, you don't have to do anything to get your ads and your Viral Ad Page seen!


Happy New Year Everyone!

Paul Coonan