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After years of being asked by members, we have finally added the option to purchase solo ads at  State-Of-The-Art-Mailer!

SOTAM has some of the highest click rates in the industry and rivals even networked mega solo results. The current average click rate at the Viralist membership level is 900+ visitors. The new Golden Solo Ads are sent to the same amount, currently 30,000 members.
For the first time in over 5 years, solo ads are available at one of the largest, most active, and highly ranked mailers on the net!
Golden Solo Ads can be purchased in packages.
- 1 Golden Solo
- 5 Golden Solos
- 10 Golden Solos
- 20 Golden Solos
For a limited time, and for a limited amount, Golden Solo packages are 50% off so do not wait!
Go to >> Golden Solo Ad in the navigation menu and you will see the drop down >> Purchase Golden Solo Ad

Brad Webb and Paul Coonan
P.S. You are paid commissions on these so get this ad out with any of your SOTAM affiliate links now!