Get Adobe Flash player launched early March, 2011. Within only a few weeks it started showing 1 million ads a day. Nearly 7 months later it still continues to show around 1 million ads pre day, every single day. is a viral advertising site. It is NOT a matrix or investment site. You do not earn at simply by joining and doing nothing! is an advertising medium designed to produce viral exposure to any site you wish to advertise through and provides a money making opportunity while using to advertise your sites in a viral framework.

As this blog builds, I will be breaking down each of the parts of

  1. Viral ads
  2. Viral branding
  3. Viral list building
  4. Viral Pool
  5. Viral Grid

Each segment will be broken down to show you how each segment works so you may get a better understanding of the full power of Comments and questions are welcome!