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This is an explanation of what The Market is all about, how I market for you, and how it benefits those who market the most.

One thing I do very differently than nearly all other sites, is reward those who market the most by giving them the biggest advantage of gaining referrals though my own efforts.

The vast majority of programs out there give random referrals to their upgraded members. If you go to one of those sites directly, without a referral link, the visitor is placed under a random upgraded member. At the same time, there are many sites where if a visitor goes directly to the site without a referral link, that person, when they join, goes directly under the owner's account. For those sites who place new members under a random upgraded member, visit one by going directly to the site without a referral link, then click the join link. Most of those sites will show you who you are being signed up under. Some of them will even show you on the front page when you get there. Refresh that page and you will likely see that referrer change every time you refresh the page. This method benefits those who pay to upgrade and potentially do absolutely nothing to promote the site. In my opinion this is not a fair when you take into consideration that there are free members who have the means to promote a site heavily.

So what makes vTrafficRush different from the rest is those who promote the most, benefit the most, whether they are a free or an upgraded member!

I do not track referrals with cookies that can and are often deleted. I track by IP address. While you promote you are "planting seeds." Anyone who visits through your referral link becomes "attached" to your referral link. It is not perfect because some people's IP addresses do change, but it is more reliable than the use of cookies.

If that visitor you sent to vTrafficRush does not sign up at that very moment, you just planted a seed. If that person comes directly to later and joins, and they are still attached to your referral link, they will become your referral. They can refresh the page as many times as they want and they would still be attached to you!

Now here is where you gain the most benefit by planting your seeds and how those who promote the most gain from my personal marketing efforts. I do not promote with an affiliate link! So if a person visits vTrafficRush through any of my marketing efforts, and they are attached to your referral link, that visitor sees your Viral Ad page and potentially becomes your referral! The more seeds you plant, the greater the chances you will gain referrals from my own marketing efforts, thereby rewarding those who promote vTrafficRush the most, whether they are a free or pro member!

There are many other uses of Your Market indicators that can help you in your marketing efforts.

First, The Market is how many different people have seen vTrafficRush. This is not a count of how may page views has had, but how many unique people have seen When a person visits vTrafficRush, the first thing that is done is to see if that person has been here before. If they have not, then that person is added to The Market as a new person.

If the person has been here before, the next thing that is looked at is if the person came here through a new referral link. If the person was already "attached" to someone and now there is a new referrer, that visitor now gets "attached" to the new referrer.

Your Market is the percentage of the Total Market who are attached to your referral link and are potential new downline members, your seeds. If you see Your Market on the rise, you are either getting vTrafficRush into the faces of new people, or you are stealing members from someone else.

If you see Your Market going down, then someone is stealing potential downline members from you. This would indicate that you either need to increase your marketing efforts where you are marketing at the time, or move your marketing to another place.

So, plant the seeds and do not be discouraged if you feel you are not getting enough people joining vTrafficRush under you. Through my personal marketing efforts those who plant the most seeds are the ones who benefit the most, as it should be, whether you are a free member or pro member.

Plant the seeds and I will water them out of my pocket!