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As a  dev I love to be creative and play with new technologies and libraries, as you likely noticed on the home page, which is also your Viral Ad page. However, some issues have been presented to me.

Due to popular demand, I have created a LITE Viral Ad page!

As a developer, there is always a balance that has to be struck. That balance is an effort to cover the widest range of potential visitors. Everyone has their own preference of what browser to use and not everyone keeps up to date with the latest version. On top of that, a dev still has to take into consideration that there are still many people that have below average computers with what would be considered today as computers with weak processors and low memory capacity. Having a below average computer is often not a choice computer owner's like. They would get a new computer if they could.

With the emergence of new computers, the internet keeps up by creating libraries that take advantage of the newer computers' capabilities. jQuery, among other popular libraries, is a very commonly used javascript library these days and more devs are taking advantage of the power the library brings forward in being creative. However, the older computers, particularly those with 1 gig or less of memory, choke easily. This becomes very apparent by those who have less than average computers and are power surfers at various traffic exchanges.

These power surfers tend to surf several TEs at the same time, averaging about 10 at a time. Every TE out there uses javascript, and the majority of sites they load also contain javascript. Javascript loads into a computer's memory. The more sites open at the same time, the more memory is taken up. Then gets loaded, and these power surfers with less than average computers experience problems like timers freezing, or their browser freezing or crashing, and this results in complaints/reports to traffic exchange owners with the finger pointed at

I have had several people ask me if I was going to make a splash page size image that they could use. I won't. I won't stop anyone from making their own, but here is the reason I won't make one myself. This contradicts the core model of which depends on ads being seen!

So, I have created a new page which you can promote, a LITE Viral Ad page. It has been stripped down majorly. I removed about 99% of the javascript so there should no longer be any complaints to TE owners about vTrafficRush. It is less busy, and a few other changes have been made to it. I believe you may find it more effective.

To see the new Viral Ad page LITE, you will need to log in and click on Referral Links in the members' menu. The new link to your Viral Ad page LITE is there and you can preview it by clicking the preview link. I think you will like it!

If you use the banners I have provided to promote your Viral Ad page on your own site(s) and want to link to your LITE Viral Ad page, be sure to change the href in the code to your LITE Viral Ad page link!