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I have just added $10 to the Viral Grid Progressive Jackpot!

The Viral Grid Progressive Jackpot now sits at $33.55 as I write this!

The Viral Grid Progressive Jackpot is completely random and can be triggered at any time. It is set so the average time somebody wins it is about every 3 weeks. It can trigger less than that, it could be more, but overall, the average should be about 3 weeks!

Originally I set the starting point at $10. But now, the starting point will be $20 any time it is won. As a result of this decision to change the starting point, I have added $10 to the pot to get the buzz going!

So if you have not tried the your chances at the Viral Grid, now is time to consider trying out! You could win the Jackpot!

If you are not aware of how the Viral Grid works, it is very simple. Click a spot on the Viral Grid. A new window will open displaying a site from a pro member who has their ads in the Viral Pool. Wait for the timer to end and you will instantly know if you just won a prize which is instantly credited to your account! You can win the Viral Grid Progressive Jackpot by clicking any a spot among many other prizes up to $5!

In any case, the Viral Grid is heating up, which is all the more reason to be in the Viral Pool where your ads get full page views!