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Activity on the Viral Grid is really starting to ramp up. The Progressive Jackpot, that can be won by anyone at any time, has now topped $37.00!

More members are clicking every day and the Viral Grid is starting to live up to it's name! With the amount of activity I anticipate the someone is going to win the progressive jackpot very soon! Once somebody wins, it will be reset and will start at $20!

Would you visit 25 or 50 sites for a shot at winning some free cash? How about nearly $40.00?


Now is a great time to get into the Viral Pool as the Viral Grid activity is on the rise. When people click a spot on the Viral Grid sites from the Viral Pool are getting full page views!

Sponsorship ads are hold but will be opening back up soon. The initial response was overwhelming, filling the inventory very quickly. I put sponsorship ads on hold so ads would not get slowed down too much. When I open them back up, there will be another sponsorship option, that will allow you to send an solo email to the entire membership! Sponsorship ads will be a limited number so they do not go out too slow.

Have a great weekend!