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It has come to my attention there are more than a few traffic exchanges that are blocking or not approving

One reason was a small group of people who apparently have substandard computers and don't have enough memory to store the javascript used on most sites these days and people were complaining that vTr was crashing their browsers. As a result, I took the time to create the Viral Ad Page Lite which stripped out almost all the javascript.

However, that was not enough. I have had several other reports from members who are not getting their Viral Ad Page approved for other reasons to include that vTr breaks their terms of service by showing 3rd party ads to sites the owners do not like.

I have my own terms for what sites that are not allowed on vTr and they are fairly simple.


  • Adult Content or Sexually Themed Material
  • Tobacco Sales
  • Discriminatory Practices
  • Hate / Violence Sites
  • Weapons Sales
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Illegal Downloads
  • Gambling

I will NOT be blacklisting sites that other site owners have personal issue with just so a few Traffic Exchanges can be made happy, while discriminating against paying vTr members who have something to advertise. Those sites in question tend to be sites that are matrix and HYIP programs. I personally do not like those types of sites but it is not my place to decide what I think people should be advertising on my site, with the exception of the above list which keeps vTrafficRush family friendly.

A couple reports I recently had about vTr not being approved were, since vTr had 3rd party ads to such sites they did not like,  they would not allow vTr to be on their site. In surfing those traffic exchanges I found many other traffic exchanges being promoted.

I say this to TE owners that deny approval to members of vTr based on 3rd party ads seen on a person's Viral Ad page. If you are going to block vTrafficRush on that basis, you should be denying nearly all traffic exchanges as well, because they all promote, in 3rd party, nearly all the same sites that are 3rd party ads on vTrafficRush. It is completely your prerogative to run your sites as you wish, although your main source of income is paid advertisers, and by not approving vTr you are cutting yourself off from nearly 10,000 members, nearly half of which are paying members.

In an effort to make things easier for members of vTr to know where vTr will not be approved, and to give me something collectively to address the site owners, I ask you as valued members of to post here where you are not getting approved and the reason given. If you would rather give that info anonymously please use the contact form.

I appreciate your input! This helps me to get the bigger picture.