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*** UPDATE October 18th, 3:34PM

*** The below changes are now in place. PayPal is now back online!


There are very important policy changes and changes to the business model that you must understand, so I encourage you to read this thoroughly!

This is to inform you of major changes soon to come with

As any good business owner should do, I keep very close watch on what is going on with vTrafficRush in an effort to make sure vTrafficRush grows and your own vTrafficRush business grows as well. I am very meticulous in my script writing and watch the numbers countless times per day. I also do my best to prepare for everything that could ever possibly happen. However, some things can easily be overlooked. Any online business opportunity is only as good as it's payment processor, no matter how solid the business model may be!

The current business model of is as unique as it is solid, so don't get me wrong as I present the coming major changes! They will actually benefit you!

The main item that has been very unique with vTrafficRush is the commission structure where, as a pro, you can earn twice as much commissions on your 5th level of referrals than your 1st level. Initially I had PayPal as a payment processor and I had a justification in my mind that I could argue if PayPal decided my model fit there definition of MLM, a site structure not accepted by PayPal. Their definition is an affiliate based structure where people earn commissions from their referrals, and also from the the referrals of their referrals. Currently with vTrafficRush every one gets paid on their direct referrals, and pro members get paid on their 5th level, skipping levels 2, 3, and 4 thereby, in my mind, breaking out of the definition provided by PayPal as an MLM.

But who am I to risk making this argument to a multi-billion dollar corporation?

As a result, I dropped PayPal and put all my trust into Alertpay to make sure MY business model would prevail, and it did. But...

If are a site owner and you use Alertpay as a processor, you may very well have noticed your revenues have dropped. It is not the general market, and not because all of a sudden people think your site sucks! Alertpay is going through a temporary issue, and they are very slow, if at all, to communicate issues they are having with their members. How temporary? Only time can tell. What happened is Visa and Mastercard halted their services through Alertpay.

At first thought, I felt maybe the matrix and HYIP programs finally got them in a snag. I was wrong. Something unique to Alertpay is you cannot fund your account with a credit card and your site has to be personally accepted to be able to accept credit cards. This definitely cuts down on chargebacks and legal issues, however, it would appear that either Alertpay was allowing certain kinds of sites to accept credit cards, or, Visa/Mastercard just plainly don't want to be afilliated in any way with a company that processes payments for pharmaceuticals and gaming sites, as would be indicated by Alertpay's most recent changes in their Terms of Service.

I am not writing this to create panic! Alertpay is not being shut down! They merely have some compliance issues to deal with, and they are dealing with them, and things should be back to normal soon, but it is undetermined when this will happen.

So, PayPal is coming back! But this means that I have to comply with PayPal's terms which means a restructure of the business model. When I dropped PayPal many months back, almost 2/3 of the revenue dropped off overnight. With less revenue coming in, less commissions are going out. With Alertpay temporarily losing Visa and Mastercard, revenues have dropped much more significantly. So it is time to restructure! Bringing PayPal back I anticipate revenues to increase around 5 to 10 times which means your marketing efforts will reap larger rewards because the more revenue coming in, the more commissions are going out!

The restructuring...

This is actually good news! Most people are accustomed to the standard affiliate based program where you refer people and you earn commissions from the people you personally recruit. To conform to PayPal's terms, the 5th level referral commissions for pro members at vTrafficRush must be dropped. There will only be one level of commissions. However, those commissions will rise for both free and pro members! Upon the implementation of the revised business model, free members will earn 25% commissions from their level 1 referrals (up from 20%), and pro members will now earn 50% from their level 1 referrals. This means pro members will be able to earn up $80 commissions instead of $64 which is what the top commission is currently at.

The Fast Start Special...

First off, I never liked the one time offers which seem to be so high pressure when joining so many sites these days. "Hey I have a great deal for you! I know you don't know anything about this site nor how effective an advertising tool this site will be, but here is a great offer that you will never see again!" Personally not liking these kinds of high pressure offers is why I gave 5 days from the first time a new member logged into vTrafficRush to take advantage of what I call the Fast Start Special. I will be taking that 5 day pressure off by extending the Fast Start Special to 30 days which also gives plenty time for someone with enough enthusiasm to earn enough commissions for pro membership. This also gives a new member plenty time to think about whether they want to upgrade or not because they will have the time to see the power of vTrafficRush and make a much more informed decision, a decision I believe most people will feel confident in making.

Lifetime membership will be going up...

I have been saying the price for lifetime membership will be going up for a some time now, and now that vTrafficRush has broken the 10,000 member mark and still growing at an average of 300 a week since opening a bit more than 7 months ago, it is due. The price of the lifetime membership will be doubling. If the Fast Start Special, which will be for a period of 30 days, is accepted, the price is $20. Regular price after that will be $60. This means the smallest commission free members will earn will be $5 (up from $2) and pros will earn $10 (up from $4) from their direct referrals upgrading within 30 days. If a new member does not upgrade within 30 days and they upgrade at the regular price of $60, that means $15 commissions for free members, and $30 commissions for pro members from their direct referrals who upgrade after 30 days has expired.

Active members vs inactive members...

To remain an active member you must log in at least once every 90 days. This is more than enough time! If you have not logged in for at least 90 days, your account will become inactive. This goes for all members, free and pro. If you become inactive, your ads will not be seen, making more room for those who are in the Viral Pool to have their ads seen. In addition, whether you are a free or pro member, if you are inactive, have not logged in for at least 90 days, you will not receive any potential commissions that you may have otherwise earned. This is only fair that active members get the most benefit from vTrafficRush, hence the policy change. After 90 days, I feel you have made it very clear you are no longer interested in what vTrafficRush has to offer. Furthermore, in all fairness, if you are inactive, and have commissions on the books, after 120 days, $1 a week will be removed from your account until it is a zero balance. There is no reason for me to keep commissions on my books if a person is clearly not interested in participating anymore.

You have nothing to worry about if you log in at least once every 90 days which I feel is more than enough time for anyone who is even half way interested in building their advertising business!


I do not have an exact date, but they will take place within the next week. I will inform you when the changes take place. Rest assured this will be a massive boost in revenue making your advertising efforts more effective and profitable through!

What about paying it forward?

Many of you have fully grasped the current model of vTrafficRush and are using a URL rotator to rotate the referral links of members in your downline. Yes, the coming changes will have an effect on those kinds of marketing efforts since 5th level referral commissions are being removed and I strongly suggest going back to promoting your own Viral Ad page. I did not want to have to change the model of vTrafficRush, but I am forced to comply with PayPal's policies in order to bring in more revenue. Changing the commissions to 50% for pro members' direct referrals should make up for it.