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I am pleased to announce that Viral Grid Sponsor ads have opened back up and they come with a major modification!

Due to the popularity of the Viral Grid I have made a change to what you get as a Viral Grid Sponsor!

First let me congratulate the first winner of the Viral Grid Jackpot, Foster Wen, who won $48.59! The Viral Grid has already paid out $1,048.12 in free cash to people just simply clicking a spot on the grid and visiting a site!

Viral Grid Sponsorship ad positions have opened back up, and now, Viral Grid Sponsors get 2000 guaranteed visitors to the site they wish to promote!

Upon the original opening of Viral Grid Sponsor ads, there was an overwhelming response that resulted in an excessive inventory. I had to wait for that inventory to burn off and analyze what would work best. So, at this time, Viral Grid Sponsorship ads are limited to only 12 on any given day. The goal is to provide you with at least 2000 visitors to the site you wish to promote, within 7 to 10 days. The limit may rise, and I do expect it will, as I watch the numbers to make sure Viral Grid Sponsor ads remain effective. I will raise the limit of available spots as long as I keep within my goal of getting you those 2000 visitors within 7 to 10 days.

You are purchasing 10,000 ad exposures, which are the images seen on the Viral Grid. If the 10,000 exposures has been exhausted and you have not received at least 2000 visitors, your ad stays in rotation giving you more ad exposures until you reach at least 2000 visitors, guaranteed!

In the beginning, a sponsor had to rely on a person to click the link above the Viral Grid to get a visit to their sponsor ad. The link is still there, however, because of the continuously growing amount of traffic on the Viral Grid, the site seen when a member clicks the grid is now split between sites in the Viral Pool and Viral Grid Sponsors. VG Sponsors share in 25% of the clicks, and 75% is shared among those in the Viral Pool.

Viral Grid Sponsor ads are available to both free and pro members. Pro members get 50% off the price!

Commissions are also earned when any member you personally referred purchases a Viral Grid Sponsor ad.

For more info about Viral Grid Sponsor ads, you will find a link that says 'VG Sponsor Ad' on the member's menu when you log in.

First come, first served! As I write there are 9 spots left!