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I just spent another 24 hour coding run making some BIG improvements. Some of you may have already noticed some of it. Here is the big break down. is already the number 1 viral advertising site on the web compared to many similar sites such JustClickSix, FreeViral, 01Viral, Fwebtraffic, and quite a few others out there. All you have to do is compare the data on on Alexa and you will see most do not even come close to in world traffic ranking. currently sits at 19,154 globally where the majority of similar sites are hovering around 100,000 a less. In the US, currently sits at 16,523. Overall, if you are not familiar with and how they rank the traffic of sites and what countries it comes from, you will find it is a great tool in determining if a site truly is busy with traffic or not. You would be amazed how many sites being promoted out there that sit around 1 million and more in global traffic ranking. Unless it is a brand spanking new site with not enough data, you can be sure a site sitting at 7 figures traffic ranking is likely not going to pan out. The lower the number the better. Facebook, for example is the number 2 most visited site in the world out of an estimated 40 million sites worldwide.

vTrafficRush is consistently gaining an average of 240+ new members a week, but I am never satisfied and am always looking at ways to make vTrafficRush better for you!

So, I have taken things a step further. I added an entire new level! Now there are 6 levels of referrals instead of 5! You do know that as you recruit new members under you they become a team working for you, not only showing your ad on their Viral Ad pages, but you are also leveraging viral marketing to build a list that would be nearly impossible for most people to gather 1 at time! And you can email your referrals at vTrafficRush unlimited, every day!

The team you virally build also helps you virally brand yourself! As your team builds, your ad is moving down other peoples' Viral Ad pages, and when your ad is clicked your branding image and name are also shown while your site is being viewed! Where else can you get viral branding like this where other people do it for you?

Did you realize if you only get 5 referrals by showing you Viral Ad page, and each of your referrals only got 5 referrals each and so on all the way down 6 levels, and you and each of your team showed their viral ad page only 10 times a day, as a pro member, your ad would be seen 195,310 times a day? That is just based on getting only 5 referrals and your team showing their Viral Ad page only 10 times a day!

For you members that already have many in your 5th level, you may very well notice your list just got bigger by me adding a 6th level! Your welcome!

For you pros that use the Viral Pool, by me creating a 6th level, over 5000 new spots got created where only Viral Pool ads will show!

Adding a new level also means there are now 7 ads on the Viral Ad page, therefore showing even more ads per day, every day!

The URL Rotator Helper is also back for those who would like to take advantage of that tool for promoting your downlines.

For those who became pro members and forgot what your benefits are, since I hid the Upgrade page after you became a pro, the the upgrade link has been added to the menu so you can see the break down/comparison and know what you have compared to a free member!

After previously changing the business model to comply with PayPal's terms, I had been wondering what to do for pros since I no longer have commissions for what was once for 5th level referrals. Well I finally came up with an idea! People love to visit sites through the Viral Grid where they can win free cash. Now, if you are a pro member and someone in your 6th level clicks the Viral Grid and wins a cash prize, you get a piece of what they won just for being an active pro member!

Well I think I got everything. Maybe not! In any case, login and click the upgrade link to see the new comparison chart. I know I have everything there updated.