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I have a new site in mind and I need your opinion so I know what kind of interest there may be in what I propose before I spend the time it will take to make the following happen. Please read this carefully, then share yes or no if you like the idea.

When first launched in March, 2011, it was comprised of a very unique commission structure, an upside-down commission structure, where pro members got paid more on the bottom level than the top. This worked very well and encouraged massive team support creating a slingshot type affect in viral marketing. Originally, all members were paid commissions on their direct referrals, and pro members got double commissions on their 5th level (now there are 6 levels), and levels 2, 3, and 4 were skipped. The reason for the skips was intended to not fit into PayPal's definition of MLM. However, it was always a risk because who am I to argue with a multi-billion dollar corporation?

As time went on, I did drop PayPal as a payment provider so I could maintain the integrity of vTrafficRush with it's model at the time. vTrafficRush became an AlertPay only site, and was doing fine until discovering Visa/MC stopped processing payments through AP, temporarily. At that time, it was a drastic cut in revenues. As a result, I did a major restructure to the commission model to abide by PayPal's terms. vTrafficRush continues to do very well, but that uniqueness that it once had is no longer there.

AlertPay has since brought credit card payments back. They went through a major terms of service restructure to be in compliance with Visa/MC and are back on track and more secure than ever.

So then it hit me like a strike of lightning!

Why not duplicate, 2 separate sites, keeping as it is (PayPal friendly), and essentially cloning it but making the clone an AlertPay only site? By creating an AP only site, not only could I bring back the original uniqueness but could take it even further since AP has no issues with MLM! How would I take it further? By providing commissions on all levels, for pro members. This would create 6 paying levels deep instead of the original 2!

I could be paying something like this:

  • Level 1 - 10%
  • Level 2 - 5%
  • Level 3 - 5%
  • Level 4 - 5%
  • Level 5 - 5%
  • Level 6 - 25%

That structure is only a thought at this time but is likely to be how it will go., as a business, has proven to be very solid and after 9 months is still pulling in a very consistent average of 240 new members a week with no signs of stopping! So being that the new site would be based on the same model, there really is no risk, in fact, people would join with confidence! So, the real question is, would you join an AlertPay only site, a site that already has a proven business model, where you can gain commissions on 6 levels?

Then I had another bolt of lightning hit me! Part of the plan would be to integrate the Viral Pool of both sites into one networked pool! This will create far more value for the Viral Pool and additional income. Here is how. Pro members will be able to purchase Viral Pool packages just the same, either on or the new site and their ads would only be on the site where they purchased the Viral Pool. However, for a little more money, a member can have their ads seen on both sites whether they purchase from vTrafficRush or the new site!

I welcome any feedback, suggestions, comments. What are your thoughts?