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2 parts here...

1, is coming up on it's 1 year anniversary. What are the stats?

2, I have a new site coming. It will be revolutionary in viral marketing that will be like on steroids!




As I write this, has been open for 324 days. 41 more days to the first anniversary!

It has been an amazing ride that has made the number 1 viral ad site of it's kind evidenced by comparing to other similar sites on!

So let's look at what has happened as is approaching 1 year online.

Since opening... has shown over 304,000,000 ads! has been seen by over 3,200,000 people! is approaching 14,000 members! has paid out nearly $30,000! has paid out over $1,800 in FREE cash in the Viral Grid since it started on Aug 1st, 2011! currently averages 275 new members every week! is seen by an average of 400 people every 10 minutes!

That all equates to a ton of ads being seen every day!

Right now, there are only 80 members in the Viral Pool with 363 ads being shown across the whole network. Pro members who have their ads in the Viral Pool get their ads seen and also get full site visits from many different places withing The main place ads in the Viral Pool are seen are in any of the numbered spots where free members ads are not allowed to be seen. Only pro members ads flow all the way down 7 levels of their downline. Since most members are free members, there are tons of spots that are filled by ads in the Viral Pool when members promote their Viral Ad page! If your ads are in the Viral Pool your ads are seen across the whole network of members, not just your downline!  Like I said, Viral Pool ads are seen in many places. Just login and click the link that says, "Throw Your Ads In the Viral Pool" for more details!

For all you new members, and a reminder for those that have been around a while, the a Viral Grid Sponsor Ad is also a very unique way to get a guaranteed 2000 visits to any site of your choice in a short time! There are several spots open for Viral Grid Sponsor Ads right now! Just login and click, "Viral Grid Sponsor Ad" for more details!




And now, I would like to announce, or at least give a subtle heads up, that I have a new site I have been working on. The work I have been putting into this is one reason I have not had many regular updates on lately, sorry about not communicating the last 6 weeks as often as I usually do, but believe me, what I have coming is going to be well worth it!

I take pride in uniqueness, which is one reason I program everything myself, nothing Out Of The Box. I take time to study other programs out there and see them come and go. I analyze why the go. Some sites are unmistakably launched to be hit and run scams, while others were destined to die a quick death from day one because of their model. I take the time to see why they fail and look for a solution that may make it work.

As a result, I have come up with a model that will create potentially $1,000's for members, is very easy, and as I previously mentioned, will be so viral that it will be like on steroids! Even people who cannot recruit can potentially earn $1,000's!

I am not going to give too much away at this time, but I will tell you I am looking at around another month in getting this all together.

I am very excited about it and I am sure you will be as well! What I am creating is unique, and I honestly believe it will be the first of its' kind! I have not seen anyone do what I am creating and I truly expect that my new site will rock the internet and potentially make tons of cash for its' members and create an advertising wave never before seen!

There will be a pre-launch phase, and I will keep you informed of the progress. Members of will be the first to know!