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If you haven't seen it yet, I just gave a major makeover!

Also added is something to enhance the viral branding aspect which creates powerful benefits for pros who are already branded, and newbies who are just getting started!

When you look at the new Viral Ad page, you will see not only the new layout, but also the branded images of each member who has an ad on the page sitting next to the ad they created.

For pros in the Viral Pool, your branding just multiplied exponentially!

Now that branding images are being placed next to the ads, this creates more power in using as a marketing tool.

For those who are already branded or have been branding themselves, others will see that it is you promoting an ad thereby creating interest which can lead to another sign up to whatever you are advertising.

For those who are newbies trying to get yourself branded, as you promote your Viral Ad page, the branded images of power players and top promoters that are familiar to others, who may see your Viral Ad page but are unfamiliar with you, and are not members of will feel more impelled to join because they see a familiar face or 2 or 3!

It is a win/win for both the branded and those trying to get themselves branded making a much more valuable tool for marketing other sites!

Branding is important for anyone who wants to establish their internet presence. is growing in the use of branding in internet marketing. The image shown on your Viral Ad page and when your ads are shown is based on your email address you have registered with and at By registering the same email address at, you can upload any image you want that will be connected with that email address. If you are creating a new account at, it can take up to 30 minutes before the image you uploaded at to show. If you still see the default image on it could also be a result of your own browser's cache. One way or another, given enough time, you will see your own branded image on Just give it some time!

At this time, there are plenty Viral Grid Sponsor Ad spots available! Until February 5th, free members get the pro member price of $15 for a guaranteed minimum of 2000 site visitors! A Viral Grid Sponsor Ad is in your face advertising like you have never seen! Just log in and click the link that says, "Viral Grid Sponsor Ad" to get started!

Pros! Now that branding has been majorly enhanced, being in the Viral Pool has never been more valuable! Throw your ads in the Viral Pool and get on top of your personal viral branding campaign!