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As I write, is 5 days away from it's first birthday!

I have been doing a lot to the site in preparation of this day. The exterior has a new paint job, and, if you haven't seen it yet, the interior has been remodeled as well. There are some other changes to the interior in the works to make the site flow a bit better, but they are minor in comparison to what is coming, with the expected launch in 5 days to mark the first birthday of vTrafficRush!

What I have been working on is something never before seen, that I am aware of, on any site in the last 12 years that I have been involved in internet marketing.

Whether you like to go fishing or not, internet marketing is very much like fishing. You find a place you feel may be a good spot to drop your line in, and you sit and wait for the results. Now imagine if all around you, other people suddenly appeared, all with their lines dropped into the same spot as you, using the same bait, all looking to catch the same fish? How would you feel? Would you feel your spot may not be so hot anymore? Not everyone is going to catch that fish if everyone is trying to catch the same fish all in the same spot.

Yes, that spot could have plenty fish for everyone, but chances are, that spot could have been fished out!

In internet marketing, the established marketers who have their mailing lists and/or already have their special secret spots to fish in, have the most advantage, something that will never change. In the case of a newbie or someone fairly new, the most common situation one comes up against in finding a new opportunity is how to get the word out to get referrals. Referrals are the lifeblood of any success in internet marketing.

So what if you had a map that showed you Who, What and Where (can't write a script for why!) other members of were promoting, and Where they are promoting? In essence, a live map showing you where all members were fishing all over the world! is an advertising tool to help you promote other business opportunities in a viral way. Knowing where to promote and where not to promote is a decision that can only be reasonably made with the right information.

In fishing, someone came up with the 'fish finder.' That gave a marked advantage to novice fishermen to help them catch more fish.

Now, I haven't come up with an internet fish finder (oh what gold that would be!) but, I have come up with something similar, a new powerful form of transparency never before attempted by any other site I have ever seen in the last 12 years!

On the 1 year anniversary here is what will be implemented to help you build your vTrafficRush viral downline that will help you to get more sign ups, not only to, but to the sites you are promoting using, and help you to earn more money with!

You will be able to see Where members are promoting in the last 24 hours, last 3 days, last 7 days, and lifetime, and How many members are promoting at each of those sites! You will also be able to see Who is promoting at each of those sites, and see What they are promoting!

Not only that, there will be separate lists that show What people are promoting in those time frames as well.

These list will all be ranked by the most to the least.

This way you can see a very clear view of what sites are being promoted the most so you can see what is popular at the time, see Where the most popular sites are that people are using for promotion, and see how many and who have their lines dropped in each of those sites!

Using this information, you can make a much more informed choice, with far less of a gamble, of where and what to promote!

What makes this different than "review" sites is this is completely 100% unbiased! You will see REAL stats in REAL time!

You think you found a good spot to fish in? Check the charts and see if anyone else is there and see what they are fishing for (what they are promoting). Will you fish at a small crowded dock that has 50 people on it all fishing for the same thing you are? Or will you look for a spot nobody has touched yet or very few have dropped their line in?

I am very excited about this, and I hope you are as well!

Now, information this powerful does come with a price. Free members will have very limited access to the stats. Existing pro members, at the time of the launch, will get a free 1 week trail automatically. After the launch, new pro members will also get a free 1 week trial. The trial will give full access to the stats. After the trial, access to this data can be purchased by a monthly subscription.

So not only is a new very powerful tool being launched to help you build your viral marketing biz at, but also a new revenue stream as well!


I am open to, and request, your feedback on the new design of, and feel free to ask any questions!