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I would like your thoughts on a new addition, but first a quick reflection on the first year.

It has been an amazing first year! Here are the stats after being open for 1 year:

15,500+ members have joined!
Daily average of 42.5 new members every day for 365 days straight!

345+ million ads seen!
Daily average of 945,000 ads seen every day!

3.5+ million people have seen those ads!

vTrafficRush is still getting an average of 300 new members every week!

So after 1 year, vTrafficRush has gotten some new clothes and underwear (makeover inside and out lol!).

Thank you to all the members who have made vTrafficRush what it is today!


I have been investing some long hours into VTR recently.

VTR has obviously proven itself to be here for the long haul so I have been working on many new things. I previously announced a new tool that I had hoped to have done by the first birthday, a traffic map, or more of a heat map, of who, what and where, a unique and very powerful marketing tool for building your vTrafficRush business. This tool is something I have never personally seen any site do before. It is a new level of transparency. This new feature is still being developed and will be coming, but I can't stop the new ideas from coming in to make vTrafficRush as powerful a tool as I can!

I have several things going on, and here is where I need your input.

I recently added constantly updated lists of Traffic Exchanges and Text Ad Exchanges, valuable resources for free traffic, not just to your Viral Ad Page, but to any site you wish to promote.

I realized the time I put into maintaining these lists had to have a fee of some kind, but it is not a monetary fee, and I feel it develops some needed conditioning when it comes to marketing.

I can't tell you how many members have written to me and asked me why they are not making any money. The first thing I look at is their Market numbers to determine if they are showing their Viral Ad Page. 100% of the time, none of them were sharing their Viral Ad Page! It amazed me how many people joined and thought that just by joining they would make money!

There are several prominent marketers out there on webcast every day telling people, every day, that they need to promote if they are going to get anywhere. For Pete's sake, if simply signing up to a site and doing absolutely nothing is making some people money somewhere I want to know where!

In any case, the lists of TEs and TAEs do come with a price. You must share your Viral Ad Page! Is that too much to ask?

The lists are locked at the beginning of each month. To unlock the lists free members must show their Viral Ad Page to 25 people, and pro members must show it to only 10 people. Is that too much to ask? lol!

This is simple internet marketing conditioning! This class is nothing college level, this is internet marketing kindergarten! Show your Viral Ad Page, and unlock what I think is the largest maintained list on the internet of Traffic Exchange sites. My list of Text Ad Exchanges is still building, so no claim to fame there yet! But, as I write, the list of TEs is 715 sites, and the list of TAEs is 127!

Now, this gets a bit more in depth. First you need to understand the uniqueness of how tracks referrals, which is what I label Your Market. You can learn more about Your Market by logging in and clicking on "Your Market" in the dashboard, but here it is in a nutshell. If a person views your Viral Ad Page, they become "attached" to your id. The uniqueness of what I developed is this member can clear their cache, clear their cookies, restart their computer, and even use a different browser, and they will still be attached to you! If that person comes directly to and they join, they will be in your downline! But, if they view somebody else's Viral Ad Page before they join, they are no longer attached to you. This is why you will see Your Market go up and down.

For the monthly unlock minimum for the TE and TAE lists, your monthly Market activity is tracked. You could show your Viral Ad Page to the minimum required and unlock the lists, but you could log in the next day and find your lists are locked because someone else just stole some of Your Market for the month. So what do you do? Keep showing your Viral Ad Page!

That is the bottom line in internet marketing. Promote, promote, and keep promoting! It does not matter if you are branded or not, although being branded does help. Internet marketing is a numbers game. You can't show a site to 10 or 20 people and expect your are going to be retired in 6 months!

Bottom line... The way I have this setup to unlock the largest and constantly updated lists of free traffic sources is very basic, simple, entry level conditioning to train people to promote, and keep promoting.

Free members need 25 new people in their Market Share and pro members need only 10, each month, and this minimum must be maintained to keep the lists unlocked. Is that too much to ask? Am I being fair?

There is much more I will be adding to my huge lists. Ultimately, I have my eyes on being the largest downline builder for TEs and TAEs on the web. Before that comes, here is what I have on the future menu for these lists. There will be a featured TE and featured TAE spot at the top of each list. The lists will also have a favorites feature and will be able to be listed by popularity. In addition, members will be able to pick a few of their favs and have them listed at the top of the page, with their referral ids, that will be displayed to their direct referrals.

Eventually, I intend to have the ability to add your referral id's to the entire list!

To you long time marketers of at least a decade, do you remember GhostSurfers? I'm bringing it back!

Anyway, as always, I appreciate your input, suggestions, and ideas. Do you think the minimum Viral Ad Page showing is fair? Not strong enough, too simple? Talk to me!