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I just got done revamping the Viral Grid and it is sooooo much better now!

I had been waiting for someone to win the latest jackpot, which was $53.37, so I could implement my newest upgrade! The jackpot was won by Francis Coughlan! Congratulations Francis!

So now that the latest progressive jackpot has been won, here are the details of the new Viral Grid!

Now the Progressive Jackpot is a monthly prize! The Progressive Jackpot builds based on Viral Grid activity. The more the clicks, the higher the jackpot builds. It starts at $20 at the beginning of every month. At 11:59pm server time of the last day of the month a random winner is chosen, automatically!

The prize is instantly credited to the winner's account to do with what they will. What a fantastic way to win your way into a pro membership!

For every click you make on the Viral Grid, it becomes 1 ticket into the monthly drawing, so those who click the most on the Grid, have better odds! Have you been waiting for a chance to use your Banked Viral Grid chances? LOL ;-)

In addition, if you are a pro member, and the winner is in your level 6 downline, you will instantly receive 10% of what the winner won, just as you win 10% of any cash prize anyone in your level 6 downline wins!

Now is the time to really consider a Sponsor Ad! The activity has already been great before now, and as I write, since the makeover, the activity is really going through the roof!

There are many instant prizes along the way from 1 cent to 5 dollars so get your clickin' finger warmed up and jump on into the Viral Grid or jump in the Viral Pool!