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Ever since changing the progressive jackpot to be won at the end of every month, the Viral Grid is skyrocketing!

The Viral Grid progressive jackpot starts at $20 at the beginning of the month. On the last day of the month at midnight the jackpot is won by one lucky member!

If that member is in the 6th level of a pro member, that pro member also gets 10% of the jackpot!

The jackpot is now guaranteed to be won, automatically, at midnight of the last day of the month!

The jackpot increases with activity. The more the clicks on the Viral Grid, the higher the jackpot becomes!

Since changing over to the version 2.0, the Viral Grid has been getting extremely active!

Every click you make on the Viral Grid earns you a new ticket for the random draw for the progressive jackpot at the end of the month. The more you click, the more tickets you earn!

Free members get 25 free daily chances on the Viral Grid, pros get 50. You can win instant prizes from 1 cent to 5 dollars!

Due to the increased activity of the Viral Grid, Viral Grid Sponsor Ad spots sold out! As a result I have increased the availability to a max of 25 sponsor ads that will be shown on any given day!

In addition, another change has been made. I used to have a double guarantee of 10,000 ad exposures along with the minimum guarantee of full page views. Overall, that was a waste and did not make sense. If I guarantee you full page views, in reality, the ad exposures really do not matter as much. Although, in your stats you will still see how many times your ad was shown as the background image of the Viral Grid.

Viral Grid Sponsor Ads are currently $15 and that guarantees you 2400 full page views to the site of your choice.

But... If you use Alertpay, or your available commissions, you get a 25% bonus giving you a total of 3000 guaranteed visitors!