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The Viral Grid 2.0 is experiencing HUUUUGE traffic! In fact, sponsors are now getting well over 300, nearly 400, visitors a day!

As a result, I have to wonder...

... if I am too cheap for this unique, in-your-face advertising! Don't worry, prices aren't going up yet, but I have to tell ya honestly, I am seriously considering it with the new surge in Viral Grid activity!

What is the Viral Grid?

First of all, there is a progressive jackpot that is won automatically at the end of every month (new to version 2.0). If you are a pro member and one of your downline in your 6th level wins it you get 10% of that win!

Free members get 25 free chances a day and pro members get 50. Those free chances are reset at midnight server time every day.

You can also get free 'banked chances' which do not reset everyday to use any time you wish. You get them by reading admin emails and can also be won on the Viral Grid!

Every click on the Viral Grid feeds the Viral Grid Progressive Jackpot and also gives you a ticket into the drawing at the end of the month, determined automatically, for the Progressive Jackpot! The more you click, the more chances in the drawing you get!

Sponsor ads are (currently) only $15. Through PayPal, you get a 2400 visitors to any site of your choice. Use Alertpay or your available commissions and get a 25% bonus, 3000 visitors to the site of your choice!

What makes being a Viral Grid Sponsor unique is that the background image of the Grid is a billboard that people have to look at! It is perfect for branding!

When you purchase a Viral Grid Sponsor Ad you will be asked to submit an image for your ad, 600 by 400 pixels and the url of the site you with to promote. If you do not have the capability of creating an image that is perfectly fine! Just submit the site you wish to advertise and I will make an image for you!

Good luck everyone who is participating! The first monthly Progressive Jackpot winner is coming soon!