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I have created something unique that I feel needs some explaining. For those of you who know your way around internet marketing, primarily what a unique visitor is, it is time to learn a new way of thinking!

This is only specific to vTrafficRush, and it involves the Viral Grid Sponsor Ads.

For those of you who may be new to internet marketing, here is a quick briefing on what a 'unique' visitor is. You will see this term on many sites, and it is important.

When a person visits your site 1 time, they become a unique visitor. If that person visits your site 100 more times that day, that person still counts as 1 'unique' visitor. Unfortunately, there are many sites out there where if you have 100 credits expecting 100 visitors, for example, and say 2 people visit your site 50 times each, all 100 of your credits get used up, and only 2 people visited your site that day. You received 2 unique visitors, and it cost you all 100 credits for just those 2 people to visit your site.

Now this is where unique visits is important. There are some sites out there that guarantee 100% unique visitors every 24 hours. What this means is, they guarantee that no single person will visit your site more than once in 24 hours.

Overall, for anyone who knows how advertising works, repeat exposure is good, but, of course, if only 2 people see your site 50 times each, that is bad. So there is a balance between the 2 extremes that is the perfect solution, or at least near perfect. There is no one single mathematic solution because there are many other factors involved that I will not be getting into today.

So let's break down the Viral Grid and VG Sponsor Ads, and how they work now.

As you may have already noticed, and this is similar to many sites that offer such things as log in pages, and some other kinds of specialty advertising, I have a limit on how many VG Sponsor Ads that I sell. However, that is changing. I will be removing the limit very shortly, and here is why! I have created a new on-the-fly dynamic solution to ensure that no matter how many VG Sponsor Ads there are, every person now receives around 400 visitors a day!

Here is where the thinking changes for those of you who know the status quo. In general, using log in advertising as a great example that many are familiar with, many sites are not transparent as to how many people have also purchased a log in ad. Some sites limit how many log in ads there can be at any one time, because they know that the more ads they have running, the fewer visits each advertiser is going to get because log in ads are usually time based, with no guarantee of how many visits you will get. Advertisers/members know this as well. Many sites do limit how many advertisers they have at any one time to make sure their advertisers get the value they expect.

There are a few sites that offer another level of transparency so an experienced advertiser can make an informed decision of whether to place their ad or not. Overall, with the transparency, as I have been doing with, here is the line of thought. " Only a few advertisers right now, I should get fast results," or, "there are a ton of advertisers right now, I may get very slow results. I will wait for now."

Time to change that thinking with VG Sponsor Ads at vTrafficRush!

Here is part of the thinking one's mind may come across when when deciding upon using a VG Sponsor Ad. Of course, there is the "too many people advertising so my ad will get slow results." In the past, that was true. What else may come to mind is, "There aren't many advertisers right now, and since VTR members get so many free chances on the Viral Grid everyday, I might only be getting a handful or a dozen unique visitors everyday."

I have created a new on-the-fly system that not only gets VG Sponsors around 400 visitors a day with at least 80% uniqueness, this system maintains this same rate of visitors for all VG Sponsor Ads no matter how many or few advertisers there are. That is why I am lifting the limit of how many ads can be running at any given time, because it no longer matters!

Let me explain a little more how this works without getting into the math details which I will not be sharing with anyone! My secret!

When a member clicks on the Viral Grid, the sites that get viewed are shared between Viral Pool Ads, and VG Sponsor Ads. The ratio of where the sites are pulled from is based, on-the-fly, by how many VG Sponsor Ads there are in place. If only a few VG Sponsor Ads are in place, a larger percentage of sites will be seen from the Viral Pool, rather than from VG Sponsors. The result is, a high rate of unique visitors for VG Sponsors! As more VG Sponsor Ads are purchased, this ratio changes on-the-fly to show more sites from VG Sponsors.

So, no matter how many VG Sponsors there are, the scripts automatically maintain a rate of around 400 visitors a day for each VG Sponsor!

Bottom line, it does not matter how many VG Sponsors there are anymore! Every VG Sponsor will maintain around 400 visitors a day no matter how many VG Sponsors there are!

In considering a VG Sponsor Ad, you no longer have to concern yourself with how many other sponsors there are! You will get around 400 visitors a day with at least 80% uniqueness! That means that maybe 1 in 5 people clicking the Viral Grid will see your site twice in 24 hours. In my experience that is a pretty good balance.

I do always back up what I say and that unique data is something I will eventually provide. I am working on so many things at once, and I always seem to add something to my to-do list! This new creation was not something planned. It was one of those things that just spontaneously came out of nowhere!

Back to work I go! So much more to come including new sites on the way very soon! (Buzz/hint/tease... there is a Doctor involved!)