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As many of you now know, the Viral Grid Jackpot is now a monthly prize. Each click on the grid gets you a new entry. The first monthly jackpot will be won at midnight server time which is less than 11 hours from now, as I write.

The Jackpot is currently over $33! The jackpot builds with Viral Grid activity.

One winner will be randomly drawn from all the tickets acquired for month. If you are an active pro member, and the winner is in the 6th level of your downline, you will get 10% of what that member won!


Something else will also be reset tonight. Every month, to gain access to the constantly updated free traffic lists at, free members are required to show their Viral Ad page to at least 10 different people, and free members must show their Viral Ad page to 25. These different people are kept track of as part of Your Market. This means you could lose access to the free traffic lists if people you showed your Viral Ad page to, visit vTrafficRush through someone else's Viral Ad page. The purpose is partial training to teach people they need to keep consistent when marketing., which is true of all internet marketing. You can learn more about Your Market by logging in and clicking the question mark next the the Market numbers in your dashboard.


Good luck everyone!