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FYI, the Viral Grid Monthly Progressive Jackpot is $27.11, as I write, just 2 weeks into the month!

In one of my recent posts regarding a system I created for Viral Grid Sponsor ads in which I explained how I created a dynamic system for unique visitors for Viral Grid sponsors, it created a bit of confusion for some. Many people could not understand how it no longer matters how many VG Sponsors there are, if there was 2 or 20, that I could maintain the same balance of traffic for all sponsors. So I have some new daily stats to show you what you are missing out on, which are now available for all current VG Sponsors!

I will not divulge all my programming secrets, but in a nutshell, when a click is made on the Viral Grid, the site seen will be from either the Viral Pool or it will be a Viral Grid Sponsor. If there are few sponsors, more sites will be pulled from the Viral Pool. As the number of Sponsor Ads increases, the ratio changes automatically, showing less sites from the Viral Pool.

This is to balance out how many unique visitors a Viral Grid Sponsor will get. Do you want 10 people to view your site 400 times each, or would you prefer 400 people viewed your site 10 times each?

I am not going to repost the entire past article. You can read more about this new system and what a unique visitor is in more detail by clicking here.

So let's get to the bottom line!

Daily stats are now available for VG Sponsor Ads as of April 13th. For each of your Viral Grid Sponsor Ads running, you can see how many visits you have received and also, how many of them are unique.

It has not been a full 2 days yet, the 14th not being complete yet, but here are what a couple current VG sponsors are experiencing:

Date Total Uniques  - %
2012-04-13 522 435 (83.33%)
2012-04-13 532 443 (83.27%)
2012-04-14 457 394 (86.21%)
2012-04-14 432 366 (84.72%)

You can see there is some great traffic most of you are missing out on! Many of the top traffic exchanges can't provide daily traffic close to this!

Repeat business is a pure sign of happy customers and vTrafficRush has many repeat VG Sponsors some even running more than one ad at a time!

PayPal will get you 2400 guaranteed visitors. By using your available commissions or Alertpay, you get a guaranteed 3000 visitors!

So if you have something new or hot and need a blast of traffic, a Viral Grid Sponsor Ad should be part of your advertising arsenal!

When you purchase a Viral Grid Sponsor Ad you should be directed back to a page with further instructions. You will also notice the Sponsor Ad Stats button on the members' menu will be red. This is to indicate you have a pending ad. Visiting that page will also show the link asking you for more details.