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There are many viral sites similar to but there is one main difference, besides the many differences, that make the site of choice for truly viral advertising campaigns. has many features that are unique such as viral branding. As you build your downline, your branded image is shown next to your ad on your page and on your downlines' pages as well. Yes, sharing your own Viral Ad Page, you get your name and branding image in the top right of your page so people know who is promoting vTrafficRush, and your image is not only shown on your downlines' pages, but also when your ad is clicked on the page that opens when your ad is clicked. Many of you have heard how branding is important to internet marketing success. As of today, is the only viral site that gives you branding, virally! The more your downline promotes their Viral Ad Pages, the more you are being branded, on autopilot and exponentially!

But the main difference between vTrafficRush vs other similar viral ad sites is the money that you can earn!

Totally free viral sites earn you nothing when you use them, and are hardly effective. Number one reason, there is no money to be made. Also there is nothing else to those sites that provide enough, if any, value to use them as a tool for viral advertising. If little to no one is going to use those sites as a viral advertising tool, it is pointless to use it.

Then there are some other sites, like vTrafficRush, that have free and pro options. These sites have little to offer in the way of earning money because there is a one time payment and no other income streams that recur. Overall, you earn a commission if anyone you refer upgrades, but that is it, one commission, nothing else, never to see anymore commissions earned from that member.

The main point is, with sites like that, you refer people and you can only get paid once for each person you refer. Sites with this structure do not last long. Why? Because there is no opportunity to earn more commissions from downline members once they have made a one time payment.

Imagine if a phone company came out with a service where you paid a one time fee and you got phone service for life? That company would certainly skyrocket over and above it's competitors, but it will quickly crash without additional revenue coming in.

This is one of the reasons stands out from all the others, which is why more people use as their tool of choice for viral campaigning over other similar viral ad sites. Members can earn multiple commissions from each member they refer, not just one, from the Viral Pool and Viral Grid! Many members have earned over $1000 by using vTrafficRush as a tool for promoting other sites!

Remember, vTrafficRush is primarily an advertising tool, not a business opportunity. Repeat commissions are just a benefit from using vTrafficRush as an advertising tool. You can earn a lot money with vTrafficRush but the main purpose of the site is to get your ads seen, and you can't get your ads seen, nor earn a side income, if you don't USE the tool! What good is a buying a hammer if you never use it? Does that make a hammer a useless tool overall? Those who do use a hammer would certainly tell you it is very useful! is nearing 14 months old and continues to get your ads seen on a massive scale, averaging about 350 people going though every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day!

One of the core keys to success in any internet marketing is consistency. If you go fishing, drop your line in and don't get a bite within 5 minutes, do you pack up and go home? You will likely never catch a fish that way and maybe even decide that fishing sucks! Unfortunately that is the attitude most people have towards internet marketing and the number one reason why people fail. Don't pack up and go home if you don't get a bite in 5 minutes if you want to be a success in internet marketing!