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Sometimes less is more. In fact, it is an art. For some it is even a gift! I have always had a tendency to give too much info, too many details. I have been in many sales positions throughout my life and a lesson learned by many a great salesman is that you can talk your way OUT of a sale simply by giving too much info! This is a subject that can get very in depth, and I am not going to there. This is about introducing the newest Viral Ad page!

I am sure you will agree this new Viral Ad page should be the page of choice in promoting vTrafficRush. I call it the "slim" version. You can find your new link on the Referral Links page. There is also a new banner ad that you may like.

Overall, even the strongest and most branded brands out there have to do something fresh and new to peak new interest. Web sites are no exception! Even Facebook has had many face lifts in it's own history!

I strongly encourage you to use your new Viral Ad page! Its's fresh and people will notice it making your efforts pay off better!