Get Adobe Flash player has a new "Splashier" Viral Ad Page!

I took the "slim" page, and trimmed away as much fat still left to make the splashiest page I possibly could come up with!

Where download time was the original reason for splash page, previously squeeze pages, many years ago, now, they serve another purpose. People don't like to take the time to go through a signup process while they are surfing at traffic exchanges. So a splash page takes a person into a new window so a person can keep surfing and signup in their own time to a site they may be interested in.

As a reminder of what I changed only a week ago, all Viral Ad Pages, no matter which one you use, if your Viral Ad Page is viewed inside a frame, typically like what you see when you surf at a traffic exchange, if a person clicks any of the numbered ads on your Viral Ad Page, a new window opens with your Viral Ad Page! This is automatic! I have implemented automatic frame detection on all Viral Ad Pages. This means that any Viral Ad Page you choose acts exactly like a splash page by taking a surfer to a new window, therefore not interupting their surfing!

Bottom line... Any Viral Ad page you use, but now especially the newest one, you should find your conversions doing better when it comes to getting new signups at VTR!

To see your new page, just login to VTR and go to Referral Links! The new link is the first on the list!