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I have made a change to vTrafficRush in an effort to make things easier for those who are new to internet marketing. This change has to do with the required monthly minimum of sharing your Viral Ad Page in other places to unlock the over 900 free traffic sources!

Originally, to unlock the lists of hundreds of free traffic sources, I made it mandatory that free members had to share their Viral Ad Page to 25 people and pros were required to share only 10 times. This was per calendar month. This is too much!

Those who pay for pro membership now have access to the over 900 FREE traffic sources! Free members now only have to share their Viral Ad Page to 10 people a month!

For newbies to internet marketing, understand this is some very basic training and in fact is very extreme basic training. Sharing your Viral Ad Page to only 10 new people per calendar month may seem impossible when you are brand new, but I do give you some help in getting the ball rolling.

If you have not unlocked the 900+ free traffic sources, here is how to do it! Both lists, the Traffic Exchange list and the Email Exchange list, have a random site of the day. Since this is a daily random source of free traffic it does change everyday! Simply join the Random Site of the Day, and you can get free traffic! Get enough free traffic, sharing your Viral Ad Page, and you can very easily unlock the 900+ free traffic sources that can help you to share your Viral Ad Page!

I am going to be very blunt and honest here now... If you cannot figure out how to share your Viral Ad Page to at least 10 people, then, to be VERY to the point, you will not make it in internet marketing! I have provided you with a viral advertising tool and have given you over 900 free traffic sources!

Mind you, you can save yourself the minimal effort it takes to unlock the 900+ free traffic sources by simply upgrading to Pro! I'm not here to blow smoke up your butt, BUT, I will be honest with you!