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Before I get into what this update is all about with, I encourage you to take a look at another very recent post...
Payza - Pole Vaulting Over Mouse Turds

That post is in regards to the mis/dis-info and fear-mongering being spread about Payza's new User Agreement.

Ok! Let's get into the latest update at VTR!

I have always been on the fence about One-Time-Offers, the kind of offers you get when you first join a site and login for the first time and you get the offer that you will "never see again" before you even get the chance to check out the site. Don't get me wrong, OTO are effective but one must take into consideration what "type" of site you are getting into, as well as "who" is the owner. Those are a couple of the major factors. If the type of site is a site that is familiar to the new member, the OTO can be very effective where it does nothing for the newbie who has no idea what they are getting into.

With the above in mind, and also taking into consideration that the model of VTR, as well as VAB, most people would not have any idea what they were joining nor even a clue how it worked because what I created is rare and unique. So not being one to put someone under pressure, instead of a OTO, I gave a trial period where one could check out the site for a couple weeks before deciding to upgrade.

However, that still creates some pressure, pressure that I have now relieved!

Pro membership at is now only $20 any time, all the time! No more pressure, even in the slightest!

So if you missed out on what was once the "Fast Start Special" you are not missing out anymore because pro membership at VTR is now only $20 any time, all the time!

Pro members gain many benefits! A few of the big ones are pro members get to rotate up to 5 ads instead of only 1! Pro members earn 50% commissions instead of only 25%! Pro members get their ads seen on the pages of their downline's Viral Ad pages all the way down 6 levels instead of only theirs and their direct referrals!

There are a few other changes coming, and for those of you who may already have a particular question in mind, yes, I am going to do the same with ViralAdBuilder as well as far as making pro membership one price any time, all the time!